November 30, 2019

Fast Credit Online – 15 Minutes

Interest-free credit: 1st loan up to 140.00 € at 0% rate
Monthly interest rate: 17.00% ($ 200 credit + 30% credit / 200 * 100-100)

APR (annual percentage rate): 158-552%

Activation fee: 0.10 €
Credit amount: from 30.00 € to 300.00 €
Credit term: 7 to 30 days

Opening hours: weekdays 8 am-5pm
Age restrictions: 20 to 65 years

Important: no proof of employment, no pledge or guarantee is required


Monthly loan extension time: 20.00% (40.00 €)
Credit receipt time: 1 day
License: Yes

How to apply for a credit: registration> activation fee from your bank account> loan application (internet, sms)> sms response> bank account money

The table below compares the credit company’s loan offer, using criteria such as loan amount, monthly payment, loan costs, annual interest rate, term. The annual interest rate is calculated on the condition that the borrower borrows repeatedly, so the activation fee that the borrower pays when registering on the lender’s website is not included in the GPL calculation.

All the data used in the comparison table is taken from the information available on the home page of the respective credit company. Credit costs, commissions, and other loan terms may have changed, so it’s a good idea to check the credit company’s website before borrowing money.

Credit extension and renewal policy information


The Borrower shall have the right to initiate the Credit Extension by paying the Credit Extension Fee to the extent stated in the Credit Extension Offer. You can find out the exact amount of credit extension in your E-finance profile.

credit amount + extension fee


  • Evaluate your repayment options and be responsible! Don’t borrow if you don’t need it! Before borrowing, read the terms of the agreement and contact the lender if you have any questions.

Right of withdrawal

The Borrower may exercise the right of withdrawal and withdraw from the Credit Agreement within 14 (fourteen) days, see here for more information.

Information on penalties


In the event of default, the debt recovery process may be initiated, the right of claim transferred to third parties, adversely affecting the Borrower’s credit history and possibly the credit rating, which may result in the service provider being refused.

In the case of late payments, a penalty of 1% of the total amount of late payments for each day of delay shall be calculated.