August 13, 2019


Have you ever heard someone say “that you can’t, there is no money”, “it will be next year because for this the money did not reach” “His sister was asked for some impressions of some plans in the university so we have to cancel the family outing “” will be discarding my trip because it is time to pay some unforeseen events “, if you have heard that, it is also certain that you have also heard that there is no possible solution to everything stated above and travel, the new cell phone or any dream that It had not be realized.

However, a free investment loan is a possibility that is within the reach of people to be able to meet goals that they have and are possibly discarding due to lack of money.

Probability that surely you have not explored


If after reading this paragraph, you thought that this is not the solution either because banks demand many things, they take a long time to respond, you have no credit life or are reported. There is a probability that surely you have not explored. No, we are referring to get that money with the so-called “drops account” or “daily pay”, Mary Poppins is an excellent possibility for a free investment loan.

It is important that you know that when an entity offers you the possibility of managing a loan of this type, they cannot force you to state what you are going to invest in, you can literally do what you want with that money, you only need to pay in full .

We know that if you want a lot of money or if it is what you need you must necessarily go to a bank to do so, but it is likely, if your record does not show a good move, that it be denied.

Therefore, today we want to suggest that you plan the finances of your trip in the best way, although there may be unforeseen events that you do not handle, some ideas may arise so that the dream of knowing the sea or simply of changing the weather and clearing, will come true.

Make a budget of the money you receive monthly

Make a budget of the money you receive monthly

The first thing we can suggest is: save. Make a budget of the money you receive monthly and project, even a low percentage, for the trip savings. If you choose not to deposit or store it in a bank and prefer to store it in your home, do it for example, in a piggy bank or in a container that you cannot access unless it is being broken.

Another possibility is that you give this money to someone you trust to keep it while you travel. Regardless of how you choose to save such money, as there are people who feel more secure doing it in a savings account, the important thing is that you do not stop doing it any month.

Remember that strategy proposed by some household economists, such as saving 1000 pesos a day. Or, on the contrary, having a piggy bank in which you deposit several coins of certain denominations, do not forget that the latter, unless you keep a daily check, will not let you know how much money you have saved to the date that you propose to break it.

Another possibility is to be able to buy a trip on credit


In this way you know that before the date of your trip and according to the payments you make you will have all or a percentage payment. That is to say, you can think about accessing the free investment loan to take those “pesitos” out of your mind, not to be anxious, for the unforeseen or cravings and for the details that you probably bring to your family and friends.

Other people prefer to do other things to get some money for that trip they have loved so much. For example, raffles or additional works to the one that they already have in order to have the money that, perhaps, within their budget does not reach. Well, we can not ignore that the family economy for example, often does not allow savings, however minimal.

Another option for those who work under the labor contract modality, is that at the end of the year they can withdraw the severance payments they have achieved, either during the year or the time they have worked or paid to the company providing this service. However, if the money there is not enough, there is still the possibility of a free investment loan.