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So, you’ve met this amazing person and you feel like things are finally going your way. Yes! Falling in love is exciting and happy at the same time.

But how do you know you’ve actually met ‘The One’? Are there signs from the universe that the person you love is right for you?


Here are 10 ways the universe tells you you’re with ‘the one’.

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1. You recognized yourself.

The moment you met there was an instant connection.

It is as if you recognize yourself in your social group or your soul family. Even if you’ve never met them before, you saw something in their eyes that sparked recognition on a deeper level.

2. It’s like you’ve known them forever.

It may only be a few weeks or a few months, but somehow you feel like you’ve known your new mate your whole life. From the moment you met, you clicked, and your comfort level is pretty amazing for such a short time.

These are sure signs from the universe that you are made for each other.

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3. You have deja vu moments.

Maybe once or twice you felt like you had this moment together before. Something felt so familiar and in sync. You may even have seen a flash of the two of you in a past life.

4. You bring out the best in each other.

There’s something about your love that inspires you to be the best person you can be. You are both starting to struggle, grow and reach new heights now that you are together. Without a doubt, it’s a sign from the Universe that you’re with the right person.

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5. You dream of your new companion.

Surprisingly, you may be dreaming about your new partner. Whether it’s one or two dreams, or whether you’re having them more often, sleeping visions are subconscious messages about this relationship.

6. Things fall into place easily.

In the past, your relationships involved struggles and communication difficulties. Sometimes things got off to a bad start or you quickly run into obstacles.

Not this time! In this new relationship, things seem to be falling easily into place.

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7. Your love manifests in your meditations.

If you tend to meditate regularly, messages about your new love may appear. Your special someone may come to mind, or your spirit guides offer you information about the person and the relationship. You can also see some of your past lives together.

When you connect to spirit and your higher self, and your lover is part of the communication, that’s a sure sign from the Universe!

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8. You notice a particular animal during your nature hikes.

This kind of thing can happen at the start of a new connection. Maybe every time you go hiking a hawk flies overhead. Maybe you saw a snake or two on the trail while walking through the woods.

The Universe communicates with you through animals, and this sign could be about that wonderful new connection you’ve made. Be sure to research the meaning of spirit animals that come forward when you are together.

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9. All is well with the world.

It’s the kind of love where you feel completely uplifted. Your spirit feels lighter and happier than ever. Finally, you have no doubts about the relationship. It’s like everything in the world is kind of in the moment you met “The One”.

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10. Synchronicities begin to appear.

When synchronicities kick in, it’s a positive sign from the Universe. Synchronicity is about coincidences that make you stop and wonder how this could have happened.

You may find that you know several people in common or that you have lived near each other at some point. Your paths may have crossed at some point without ever meeting until now.

Other synchronicities might include listening to the same song on the radio over and over for days in a row, meeting mutual friends, or the two of you showing up at the same cafe for coffee.

When things in your life begin to magically align, it’s a sign from the Universe that you’re with the right person and on the right path. Remember that there are no coincidences!

Pay attention to the signs that come up, so you know you’re headed in the right direction. After noticing a few of these examples, you can begin to relax, realizing that this is the Universe’s way of affirming the love you’ve been craving for so long.

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