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Welcome to ChainCade’s retroverse, the arcade of the future is here!

Dallas, U.S., February 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Beginning in the 70s, dominating the 80s and still alive today, the history of the coin-operated arcade dates back to the late 30s with the introduction of pinball machines. Home to the now $90 billion-a-year video game industry, the brick-and-mortar arcade is still thriving, but has seen better days. Where to go to have the thrill of putting down your chips, to see who is the best? Chaincade ($CHAINCADE) is a startup project that seeks to bring the same “retro arcade” feel and experience to blockchain.

Launched on July 9, 2021, with a successful launch, ChainCade has done what few projects in the cryptocurrency scene have done. They uploaded a working game, “MoonWar”, a home space shooter with players like Galaga and Space Invaders. Contest Play to win for 6 “Seasons”. In addition to that, release beta tests for upcoming games as well as another full game, “Chain Man”, which feels like Pac-Man is donning armor to crawl through a dungeon.

With the recent launch of what they call “Play to Win”, which allows players to win virtual prizes and play in “virtual Hangouts”, when asked how the arcade of the future works, a team member said:

“The overall goal of our project is to create an ecosystem where artists, musicians, game developers, and gamers can all come together and contribute to an amazing gaming experience that rewards those same people. We want to decentralize and democratize game publishing, putting the power in the hands of those who truly care about the game. There are a lot of different things coming together to make it all happen, and things are still early days. We know we are the underdogs taking on the big guys here, but crypto can either turn the game into a microtransaction mess or help break the cycle by innovating beyond the reach of short-sighted companies.

Essentially, it would be like reminiscing about your childhood… You go to the arcade, buy chips, play games, and have fun. It really is that simple, except now we can include remote play on different devices and give away tickets to be redeemed virtually for prizes. It’s still early and we still have a lot to do, but we are very happy with the current situation and the community that supports the idea.

Imagine winning prizes that let you play in a new way or win more. Imagine that any game developer could come and “move into the arcade” with our tools. Imagine working artists, musicians, and programmers could easily inject their works into games and collect royalties for their contributions. Imagine players being able to leverage their dedication to help drive decision-making on their platform. Imagine all this and you will have a small idea of ​​what we are working towards.

Players are already playing in the virtual world or Metaverse created by ChainCade which they call the “Retroverse”, a throwback to the neon-lit arcades of the 80s and 90s. hair, he feels at home in a world of video games. Players will also be able to customize their virtual world, bringing their spin and personality to the Retroverse.

A partnership with Altura NFT Marketplace, and subsequent immediate sale of 99 “Founders Edition” NFTs, giving owners a behind-the-scenes look at the project, as well as early access to games and other exclusive perks, attracted attention from NFT and the crypto space With the recent explosion of NFT and gaming, with projects like AXIE and CryptoBlades seeing hundreds of percent returns, as the team continues to deliver and keep its reach wide but focused, she has the potential to see the same with more and more support for the project being found. Recent listing announcements on two centralized exchanges, the upcoming launch of NFT “ChainCaders”, a successful games and art contest, a steady stream of development updates, and a genuine and enthusiastic community are all signs that ChainCade could be the indie gem of the crypto space like their video game counterparts.

About ChainCade NFT

ChainCade is a one-of-a-kind blockchain arcade ecosystem to benefit gamers, creators, and investors together. Offering a one-of-a-kind experience, users have the ability to customize and power their own virtual arcade. Passively close tickets, access exclusive content, challenge others in multiplayer games, and more. ChainCade also provides artists with a unique suite of tools to showcase their creations in the retroverse.

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Website: https://www.chaincade.com

Video URL: https://m.youtube.com/c/ChainCade/videos

CONTACT: Name: Matt R Email: [email protected] Organization: ChainCade

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