April’s art scene blossoms in Boston


You can actually do things in the real world! Of course, you need to be safe, and performing arts venues and arts organizations remain wisely vigilant. But ultimately your options go beyond streaming this and zooming that. Nervous? We too have therefore also included a virtual program in this artistic preview in April.

Staxville – A Celebration of Stax Records, Thursdays in April, The Porch

MARCH 28, 2021 – Nephrok !. Photo courtesy artist

Nephrok! presents this powerful sounding star celebration from Stax. And he faces it every week. As theaters slowly figure out how to reopen, this Medford spot offers a weekly tribute to the legendary sound of Stax (Hits! Deep cuts! Otis Redding!) When you feel ready to experience live music in the flesh. (theporchsouthern.com)

“Far East Deep South”, April 7-11, virtual

ArtsEmerson’s theaters have been dark for a year now, but the organization has offered some incredible on-demand movies and online productions. In this documentary, Charles Chiu, a Chinese-American from California, travels to the South to visit the grave of the father who left him as a child. During the trek, locals and historians begin to explain the legacy of the era of Chinese exclusion on the segregated South. The screening includes a post-event conversation with the filmmakers. (artsemerson.org)

Monet and Boston: Legacy Illuminated, April 17-Oct. 17, Museum of Fine Arts

“Morning on the Seine, near Giverny”, Claude Monet (French, 1840-1926) 1897 Oil on canvas * Gift of Mrs. W. Scott Fitz * Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Harvested from the Museum’s astonishing collection of works by Claude Monet and exceptional loans from local private collections, this 25-piece exhibition by Monet highlights a master who captivated our city. From his early career to links with Japanese art, “Monet and Boston” traces the artist’s evolution and associates his production with some twenty other works by artists such as his predecessor Jean-François Millet and his contemporary Auguste Rodin. (mfa.org)

Stave sessions, from April 21 to 24, virtual

This Celebrity Series digital festival showcases musicians with a broad vision of genre, composition and the music itself. Cristina Pato is a classical pianist and a master of the Galician bagpipe. Ethio-American singer Meklit draws her influence from her days as an organizer in San Francisco and from the tours that have taken her from Addis Ababa to London, from Montreal to Rio. Born in Chennai, India, and raised in the United States, Sid Sriram says he has built a style where Tamil, R&B, blues, gospel, pop and Carnatic music collide and blend together. And this is just a taste, for the full range and more details go to celebritieseries.org.

Returning movies to the big screen with your pod, in progress, Brattle and Coolidge theaters.

Did you know you can rent the Brattle or the Coolidge and play movie programmer for your pod? Safety is key, so following the rules is a must, but the Brattle will allow up to 15 people for $ 350 per show ($ 250 for Brattle members). The Coolidge has a range of options depending on the room you rent, ranging from $ 250 to $ 500 for up to 24 people (discount for members and frontline workers available). Too early for you? The Criterion channel has just added a dual functionality “Cooley High” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School”! (brattlefilm.org, coolidge.org and criterion.com)


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