Astrologer sees Meghan Markle ‘in heartache right now’ as Harry ‘wants to go back’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be in trouble in paradise, according to an astrologer.

Kinsey Schofield of ToDiForDaily’s Emili Adame: “I think a lot of the energy that I was seeing, I was seeing all the issues that were coming right after the wedding.

“What I still see is more chaos.”

Harry is destined to have “a very difficult, very difficult marriage”. with Meghan, adds Adame.

“I can see two roads, one of the roads I see is that the relationship itself, they could come apart emotionally at some point.

“But that Harry would feel a duty to his children and not leave them, but I see a lot of problems in the relationship.”

The astrologer added of Meghan: “I see her having a lot of grief right now.

“I feel that he [Harry] wants to go home and she doesn’t – she has other plans.”

Harry and Meghan had different callings from the start. On their first royal trip to Tonga, the Sussex couple visibly displayed conflicting moods as they met the public.

In the first episode, Times royal correspondent Valentine Low recalled: “Harry had been quite grumpy on that tour.

“There was a long and incredibly boring welcome ceremony in Fiji. And it was very interesting to watch them both because Meghan was sitting absolutely perfect on a little throne, Harry was just staring at me from a bad look.”

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