Astrological signs of Elon Musk and Grimes

When it comes to couples who look skyward and dream big, no celebrity couple is more cosmic than Elon Musk and his “fluid” wife Grimes.

While the couple officially dated for three years from April 2018, they have reportedly been going back and forth since September 2021 after publicly going their separate ways. Along with son X A-12 (aka “X”) and daughter Exa Dark Siderl, the two began spreading their seed, fantasizing about colonizing other planets through space and time, as well as joking about the establishment of a lesbian space community on one of Jupiter’s moons.

Musk, 50, who has seven kids and a slew of ex-wives, is a guy looking to push humanity to the next level of civilization, but Grimes, 33, is already on his way to becoming a post-earth alien. human – as she embarks on a new romance! So what’s the deal with this unique duo’s back and forth, and is it written in the stars? Will they create a legion of children to conquer the solar system, breed with aliens, or end up bouncing around forever? Dive into their romance with me since I’m a pop culture astrologer and can see it for you.

Grimes’ birth chart reveals she enjoys being a rebel radical

First, let’s look at the birth chart of the alien queen Grimes. If you wonder about Musk’s complexity, you can learn everything you need to know about his astrology and birth chart.

Grimes was born on March 17, 1988. As a result, she has an innovative Pisces sun and a fiery Aries moon. Her due date hasn’t been confirmed by me yet (Hey ma’am, go ahead!), so we’ll focus on what we know. Right away we can observe that it is a lady dominated by the elemental energy of earth, followed by water.

She is very focused on achieving long-term accomplishments and is naturally strong-willed and inflexible. This works to her advantage in getting what she wants, but it also demonstrates that when she thinks about anything, she goes all out.

As her Jupiter and Saturn dance beautifully in exact degree, she has a tremendous drive for achievement. Her Jupiter is also conjunct Uranus, bringing her lofty goals and a strong desire to be unique and unconstrained. This is all the more emphasized in his astrological profile as Saturn, the planet of limits, is in perfect conjunction with Uranus, the planet of revolution.

To comply – for her – is as excruciating as death. She is drawn to the concept of building her own institutions for herself, her family and society as a resistance against existing authority.

It’s an obvious reason why she and Musk get along so well — they’re both visionary in their desire to build a new world without old ideals or customs. When you consider that her Sun, which rules her life force, also collides with Uranus, it adds to her unexpected impulses, where she is ready to rebel and express all the depths of eccentricity she possesses.

Astrological compatibility of Elon Musk with Grimes

I’ll be honest with you: I totally understand the attraction between Musk and Grimes. They have a compatibility rating of 8.5 out of 10 in my opinion. Their love and intellectual chemistry are out of this world. They have so much in common in terms of financial and family affinities, as well as strong evidence that this was always meant to be a lifelong relationship.

However, this does not always mean that they will remain loving partners for life, especially because their astrological charts contain extremely harsh astrological aspects that indicate a lack of support when it comes to pursuing their own personal goals and their professional lifestyle. Since there is not as much synergy around career support, it is clear that their separation is motivated by a respect for distance in this regard.

In many ways, the connection between the two is vast, joyful and instructive. There is romance and sensuality, as well as significant degrees of desire and passion. They have a virtually telepathic connection as well as strong mutually reinforcing aspirations and visions. This virtually mystical bond has tremendous depth, but it can sometimes require tremendous sacrifice from the two in particular.

This connection, on the other hand, is highly karmic in nature and designed to alter each other. With Grimes’ sun colliding with Musk’s Pluto, they have and will continue to cause profound changes in everyone’s life. On the one hand, it can be extremely rewarding as they gain new insights into life and themselves, allowing them to soar to new heights. It can, however, generate an extremely conflicting energy between them with huge ego clashes, as they have sometimes thought the other to be immensely selfish and dominating.

Deception and concealment are also possibilities, attracting darker aspects of the self to surface and confront. However, their connection is likely to be incredibly magnetic, which is why they can’t leave each other. Musk can be tough on Grimes, with her Mercury clashing with her Saturn, disorienting her, as evidenced by her Mercury under the onslaught of her Neptune.

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