Astrology and cosmos

The year 1999

“You will become a doctor,” said my grandfather, still looking at the quadrants of my astrological chart. “But I didn’t opt ​​for the Dada science stream,” I said, rejecting his prediction because I was already in grade twelve with a trade stamp in my name.

“I’m sure you will,” he reiterated his words with such certainty that it almost sounded like a prophecy from heaven.

And in 2015, I adorned my name with a doctorate, in management studies however.

The present

“The rays of light therefore come from the stars and planets, which are surrounded by their own magnetic and gravitational fields influencing this light. The Earth therefore receives this light ”, says the book“ Light on Life ”by Hart Defouw and Robert Svoboda.

And my belief that we are nothing less than a tiny particle of energy floating in the universe sealed the very moment I read these lines. Astrology helps us trace the unique fate that this light casts on each of us.

And we thought there was only one solar system with planets revolving around the Sun! I mean, when it comes to Vedic Astrology, it is believed that all the planets revolve around the Earth. So to speak, these balls of various sizes are also circling all of us – whoa!

These planets are believed to have their own meaning and therefore exert their influence on us, of course in different permutations and combinations depending on when and where we were born and their transit.

The Sun – this fireball rules the soul. Authority, power, generosity and greatness – the king of leadership is sprinkles them on us like gold dust.

The glance of the Moon affects our emotions. The next time you’re feeling too elated or too dull for no reason, look at the white pearl in the sky. The queen is sensitive but in matters of imagination, nothing can surpass her.

Make way for the prince planet that rules our speech and our intellect – Mercury.

Venus, the water ruler fills her cups with luxury, love, pleasure and fun.

The jasmine flower known for its intoxicating scent is also symbolic for Jupiter who radiates wisdom and the power of judgment. ‘Guru’, this biggie is also called the greatest teacher of all time.

Saturn the old school guy is disciplined and hardworking too. Oh, wait; did I mention the benefits with which he blesses you? Of course, your efforts and efforts are generously rewarded!

Hot planet and astronomer’s dreamland – Mars, well, she has temper issues. Nonetheless, it does involve courage and a fighting spirit. Stay cool buddy!

These miraculous circles in the universe give us an invisible push and the next moment we find ourselves doing things we never imagined.

The profession in which we work, the food we love, our emotions, our relationships and the phases of life that we go through, everything is orchestrated by the movement of these planets and stars. Keep an eye out for them!



The opinions expressed above are those of the author.


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