Astrology for March 2022 includes a lucky Jupiter alignment and the zodiac new year

With two long months of 2022 under our belt, the fresh New Year’s feeling feels like a distant memory. However, the March 2022 astrology is ripe with new beginnings and the hopeful energy of spring. February’s planetary events have taken us to the depths of sentiment-driven Pisces season and brought about the intense peak of Pluto’s return to the United States. But between a cleansing full moon, the astrological new year, and a rare period of time without a retrograde, the astrological events of March might seem even more magical.

We launch the March 2022 astrology under an emotional new moon in Pisces, which rises on March 2. This lunation offers us a great chance to manifest and become spiritual – and it fits perfectly with the themes of Pisces season. overall, which we are going through until March 20th. Once the season of Aries begins on the day of the vernal equinox, it will officially be spring, and we will also be celebrating the astrological new year. Consider this your second chance to set your New Year’s intentions! Love planets Venus and Mars will travel side by side all month, urging us to break out of our usual boxes in love and embrace passionate and enjoyable new beginnings.

The icing on the cake of a busy astrological time, March is the only full month in 2022 where no major planet will be retrograde – so we can enjoy a forward-facing flow of energy without too many cosmic interruptions. . This no-backspin spell lasts until April 29, when Pluto retrograde begins and kicks us back into the retrograde season. With the renewed energy of spring on our side and exactly zero retrograde in our path, we can enjoy a sense of ease when it comes to moving forward, pushing plans forward, and looking ahead.

Read on for all the must-see astrological events in March 2022.

Starting things off with a new moon

We enter the month with renewed energy on our side thanks to the dreamy new moon in Pisces which will peak at 12:35 p.m. ET on March 2. This inspiring lunar moment will strengthen our intuition, enhance our feelings, and gently encourage us to step into our growth. Additionally, the sun and moon in Pisces will align with the lucky planet Jupiter at the time of this lunation – which is very special, given that Jupiter is the traditional ruling planet of Pisces. The auspicious Jupiterian influence makes it a fantastic moon for manifesting, setting spiritual intentions, and focusing on fulfilling your fantasies.

Pisces season magic

The first weeks of March comprise the majority of the Pisces 2022 season. Mutable water sign Pisces energy is ethereal, dreamy, and imaginative, so as the sun travels through its emotional waters, it puts us in touch with our sensitive sides and enhances our fantasies. Our sense of intuition will also be heightened during this period, especially once the planet of communication Mercury joins the sun in Pisces on March 9. Mercury is all about logistics, but when in the territory of this water sign, we might find that we rely more on feelings than facts. Immerse yourself in your daydreams and let yourself swim in the seas of your sentimentality.

This year’s Pisces season is particularly blessed with the abundant presence of Jupiter and the mystical Neptune in Pisces. These two planets are the traditional and modern rulers of Pisces, and they travel alongside the sun in their base sign for the only time in our lives. On March 5, the Sun and Jupiter will connect in Pisces for the first time since 2010, providing tremendous opportunities for growth, spiritual connection, and creative expansion. This is the perfect time for a manifestation ritual. The following week, on March 13, the sun and the dreamy planet Neptune will connect in Pisces, which casts an illusory rose-hued veil over the sun’s usually simple lighting style. Listen to your instincts, feel your fantasies, and try not to worry too much about the details during this time. The Pisces power of symbolism and second sight are best suited to this mid-month vibe.

Venus and Mars bring surprises in love

Romantic planet Venus and passion planet Mars have been traveling through the zodiac hand-in-hand since mid-February, and on March 5 PT/March 6 ET they will form a steamy conjunction aspect for the second time in a month. Venus and Mars usually only join forces in the zodiac once a year or two, so having them in such an extended lip lock gives us all the opportunity to clear any blockages buried within. love and to create new fruitful cycles.

As the loving planets connect in this cosmic union, they will collectively leave pragmatic earth sign Capricorn and enter the distant air sign of Aquarius, where they will remain for the duration of March. This cool, collaborative Aquarius energy inspires us to embrace the unconventional in romance and think outside the box when it comes to pleasure, passion, and getting what we want. Don’t chain yourself to traditions, habits or routines of the past – now is the time to revamp your relationships with your friends and lovers with a few elements of surprise and eccentricity.

Full Moon in Virgo to Clean Your Slate

On March 18, during the final days of Pisces season, the full moon of March 2022 will rise with a quick and practical message: Gather together. This lunation takes place in the orderly earth sign of Virgo, and gives all zodiac signs a chance to wipe their personal slates clean before winter ends and a new season begins. Use this earth energy to spring clean your life and let go of all the bad habits that have been bringing you down. The March Full Moon is also known as the Worm Moon, but don’t try to escape from work – you’ll feel so much lighter and more ready for spring if you take advantage of this lunar opportunity to break free.

Aries Season, Spring and Astrological New Year

If you’re craving a change and wish you had an excuse to start fresh, then the action-packed magic of Sunday March 20 is sure to deliver. First and foremost, March 20 is the date of the vernal equinox, which means winter is officially over and spring has arrived. Get out your favorite flowers and celebrate with an ice-cold matcha, because longer days are ahead of us!

The date of the spring equinox also coincides with the start of the Aries season 2022. Aries is a bold and passionate fire sign, so when the sun crosses this zodiac zone, it brings out our inner warriors and illuminates our skills. in leadership. . Get ready to embrace the most responsible version of yourself, because the energy of Aries season is all about being fearless and acting on your desires.

Because Aries is considered the first sign of the zodiac, March 20 also heralds the astrological new year 2022 — so if you needed a new year, now’s your chance. Once the sun enters Aries territory, it has officially completed a full cycle through the zodiac, so the energy of this entry is full of moxie, motivation, and hope for the future. With so many new beginnings swirling together on a special day, now is a good time to give your intentions for 2022 a refresh and embrace your personal power.

Big Aries Energy to wrap up the month

Aries season is in full effect during the last third of the month, but we will feel its fiery presence even more zealously once the mental planet Mercury enters Aries on March 27. When Mercury is in Aries, we’ll all feel more impulsive about speaking our minds, more zealous about our opinions, and more eager to start moving our plans forward. Use that boost of motivation to get a head start on any work projects or say yes to spontaneous opportunities to socialize with friends.

This high-powered Aries vibe will be amplified at the end of the month, as the moon enters Aries on the morning of March 31 – pairing with the sun, Mercury, and healing comet Chiron. This all culminates with the fiery new moon in Aries, which peaks at 11:24 p.m. PST on March 31 / 2:24 a.m. EST on April 1. Although this lunation occurs during the crosshairs of one calendar month and another, it will technically be a “dark moon” for those of us in the Pacific time zone – which refers to its status as the second new moon to occur in a calendar month. Regardless of your location, this New Moon is a powerful time to speak your truth and take charge of your own healing.

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