Astrology: your predictions for May 31 to June 6


Here’s a guide to the week ahead for you. Here is your forecast for May 31 to June 6.

ARIES: You must face each situation with courage and fearlessness. You will appreciate the work you do. Professionally, you will have a good career progression and you can get good job change proposals. Those of you involved in the creative and entertainment fields will achieve a major breakthrough. If he’s involved in a legal matter, the verdict will likely be in your favor. You will make all your decisions with wisdom and patience depending on the situation at hand. Financially, you can incur unnecessary expenses on unnecessary items. Your relationship with your spouse or romantic partner will be peaceful and happy. From a health standpoint, avoid eating cold foods.

Tip of the week: Be brave

TAURUS: This week, you will remain confident in your life and your decisions. You will gain wealth; you will be visited by relatives and there may be an auspicious function in your family. You will get a good position in your work due to your improved performance. This is a good time to invest in assets like land or a house. The natives involved in the stock market will gain from it through prudent investments. Students will achieve favorable results and be able to fully concentrate on their studies. You will appreciate the happiness of your children during this time. If you are looking for a life partner, this search will be over now. In terms of health, you can suffer from allergies.

Tip of the week: Love life will blossom

GEMINI: This week, you can easily influence people with your charm and your personality. You will be inclined to add to your luxury and may spend extra money to purchase luxury items. This week you will achieve a high position in your job and you will be successful in your workplace. Businessmen will also see progress in their business. Some of you may be buying a property or a vehicle. You might be celebrating an auspicious function in the family. Some of you will be lucky enough to have a child. Overall, the family atmosphere will remain jovial. Some of you will have the opportunity to move abroad. From a health standpoint, protect yourself against stomach pain.

Tip of the week: Let your charm speak

CANCER: This week will prove to be very fruitful in terms of your professional growth. You are likely to be given a new responsibility that will enhance your career. You may need to be away from your home for a while due to work commitments. However, this week will be average for your financial life. Try to avoid impulse purchases and expenses incurred. If investing, seek expert advice before proceeding. You may be embroiled in a dispute with your loved ones, so avoid stretching any issues. It is advisable to take care of your mother’s health as it can deteriorate as well. Take regular steam to avoid chest and throat congestion.

Tip of the week: Be prepared to take on more responsibility

LEO: This week you will continue to work hard, which will reflect your income well. With your efforts, you will be able to overcome your failures and achieve new goals. Short business trips will prove beneficial. You will be able to make business deals that will improve your headline. This is a good time to look for solid investments in stocks and stocks. For married people, this period can be challenging. Therefore, you need to be careful before giving a response to your partner. For those who are single, they will start a new relationship. Students will be able to pass their exams with flying colors.

Tip of the week: Work harder and smarter

VIRGIN: You will be blessed with success and fame during this week. Those of you who are associated with the entertainment business will particularly benefit in this phase. You will get new projects to work on that will prove useful for your future career prospects. Financially, this period will bring stability in your life and you can move on to purchasing a new vehicle. On a personal level, you will have a favorable relationship with your father. He will support you in making good decisions. Your married life will be good and your spouse will help you perform your duties effectively. Your interest in spiritual activities may increase.

Tip of the week: Listen to your father’s advice

BALANCE: Your luck will help you reach new heights this week. You will also be inclined to gain higher knowledge and improve your worldview. You can visit a religious place which will give you peace of mind. Professionally, you will get new opportunities in your career and also be able to sign new contracts. This period is also conducive to trading in stocks. Your family will support your decisions and provide you with financial assistance. Your love life will be filled with romance and you will share special moments with your partner. It is a good time to get married. From a health point of view, you need to take precautions as you may face stomach issues.

Tip of the week: Improve your knowledge

SCORPIO: You will progress well in your career, but the workload will continue to stress you. Your competition will continue to provoke you, and any reaction on your part can get you into trouble. Financially, this period will be average for you. Stay away from any unexpected activity or speculation or there could be a huge loss. On a personal level, you will find things difficult when it comes to your relationship with your spouse. You have to make sure that there are no communication gaps, otherwise it will prove to be counterproductive. You will spend quality time with your father and he will listen to you. Some of you can expect to move abroad for better prospects.

Tip of the week: Don’t be provoked

SAGITTARIUS: It will be a great week for those in business. They will be able to negotiate well and make profitable deals. There could also be a new business partnership. Working professionals will have additional responsibilities that will help them prove their leadership skills. Work-related travel will improve your career prospects. Those of you who are single will enter into a new relationship. For married people, the relationship will be favorable, but the health of your spouse may be upset. At the same time, your father’s health should also be monitored as it is likely to deteriorate. Health problems related to high cholesterol and digestion can affect you.

Tip of the week: Use your negotiation skills

CAPRICORN: This week might prove to be a bit difficult in executing your plans. Sometimes you can find yourself in uncomfortable situations in your workplace, but stay calm and patient. Avoid taking out loans or looking for investments as now is not a good time for it. On the employment front, continue to persevere in the workplace and look for suitable employment opportunities in the future when the time is right. Businessmen should avoid engaging in partnerships or collaborations at this time. Your love life will remain electric and you will share a strong bond with your partner. Health issues related to the kidneys and urinary system can be of concern.

Tip of the week: Accept new challenges

AQUARIUS: You will receive auspicious results this week. You will see progress in your career and new opportunities for growth will present themselves. Limited investments in savings plans can be made at this time. Long-term equity investment is also a favorable investment option. Businessmen can consider expanding their business overseas. Peace and harmony will prevail in your domestic life which will give you immense pleasure. Your love life will be stable and your partner will continue to support you. Married couples will derive happiness from the progress of their children. Eye and throat infections can bother you all the time.

Tip of the week: Look for prudent investments

PISCES: Life will open new doors for you this week. If you face difficult situations there will be a drastic change for the better. Your faith in the Almighty will be confirmed as you will receive opportunities for growth in your career. There are signs that you can quit your current job and join a new organization. You will get favorable results by investing in land. When interacting with people, it is advisable to take a diplomatic approach, lest this lead to arguments and bitterness. Work-related trips will be rewarding. The family atmosphere will be jovial, but the mother’s health can give rise to some concerns. You may face some problems related to the liver or acidity.

Tip of the week: Take a diplomatic approach

(Neeraj Dhankher is an astrologer with skills in Vedic Astrology, KP and Nadi. He is founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. Observations are made by the writer based on his own analysis)

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