Best Foreplay Tips and Ideas According to Their Zodiac Sign

We need a sexual revolution – and astrology is here to deliver one. This is Uranus, the planet of rebellion. Right now, Uranus is in Taurus, where it’s been since 2019 and into 2025 (it’s true, Uranus moves slowly). And right now it is joined by the Sun, which is in Taurus from April 20 to May 20.

All of this Taurus energy is asking us to think about potentially unhealthy relationships with materials, money, and the earth. Pay attention to the relationship between your sexuality and your values. To quote Missy Elliot’s 2002 song “Work It,” “It’s no shame, the girls do what they want. Just make sure you’re ahead of the game.” Be sure to take care of your holistic health and well-being, regardless of your current reality.

The Sun in Taurus will appreciate your efforts to enjoy your physical body – Taurus is a sensual earth sign, after all. Of course, an orgasm won’t pay your rent or resolve petty disputes in your relationships. That being said, sex can help improve your sleep, boost your self-esteem, and promote good health. It may even help prevent prostate cancer. Besides, it just feels good. Because Taurus is the epitome of natural comfort and soothing sensations, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to turn you and your lovers on.

Sex is better when it involves foreplay. So take all that sexy Taurus energy in the air and put it to good use (wink). Even though foreplay may be the norm for you, here’s a list of different ways you can engage depending on your or your partner’s zodiac sign. Or hey, try all 12.

Your preliminary move, by their zodiac sign

Aries: Send that sext.

Just send the text! There’s nothing sexier for an Aries than someone who just does the thing. Do you realize how much trust that takes? Consider the type of message your specific person might want to receive: a sexy photo? Prize-worthy written erotica? An invitation for a spontaneous date… or a suggestion to try erotic wrestling? Do not be shy; being bold is hawt!

Taurus: Take out the chocolate-covered strawberries.

For a Taurus, foreplay depends on how you make them feel. Even though this zodiac sign has a bit of a reputation for being a #materialgirl, that’s not all. They want you to put them at ease, so do everything you can to identify their needs and then address them. Taking turns erotically feeding others will excite you in surprising ways. Who knew charcuterie could be so sexy?

Gemini: Two words: Naked. Tornado.

Gemini energy can easily become bored and disinterested, which means that if you want to keep their attention, you need to be able to dungeon! at the top! Ignite their minds, and you will also ignite their bodies. When in doubt, play a physical game: nothing beats Naked Twister.

Cancer: Netflix and chill.

The way you hold your lover makes a difference; the words you speak will leave a lasting impact. Don’t be mean, because the kindness and compassion you show your loved ones can also be foreplay. In fact, one of the best forms of Cancer foreplay is a casual movie night with lots of hugs and no expectations.

Leo: Break out the costumes and try some role-playing.

Step 1: Rent a cheerleading outfit. Alright, I’m serious and quiet… Leos love ~playing~ and they’ll throw themselves into roleplaying no matter what scenario you choose together! This fire sign works tirelessly and relentlessly to be the best, so be sure to tell them they did an amazing job afterwards.

Virgo: soap yourself.

Virgos can be a little slower to jump in the sheets than some other signs. It’s not that they’re prudish; they are just health conscious! Show your Virgo lover that you respect their need for clean sheets by seductively taking them into the shower before sex. Better yet, soap them up and wash them.

Libra: Acts of service.

Say it with me now: acts of service are a form of foreplay. Libras are the type to go above and beyond for others, so show them you want them to have fun by making time to meet their needs. Do the dishes, clean the kitchen, then serve them with a massage, oral sex, whatever they want. If you’re feeling particularly submissive, lean into it. Just make sure your Libra knows they are the center of your world right now.

Scorpio: break the blindfold.

Foreplay tip: Tell your Scorpio that you want to blindfold him and paint on his body, whether it’s with paint, ice cubes, or food. This is how you seduce a Scorpio: by getting them to relinquish control. Showing your Scorpio lover that you’re open with them builds trust, and what’s sexier than trust? For a Scorpio, trust is the difference between being guarded and being able to release their inner monster with you. No Need To Be Afraid: The scariest thing about them is their desire to watch your eyes roll at the back of your head in pleasure. Seeing you come down will encourage him to be patient.

Sagittarius: Try a new kink.

When was the last time you tried something new? Being with a Sagittarius is an adventure, and as you can imagine, foreplay with a Sagittarius is too. Get them thinking and asking them questions about perversities and sexual practices they’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t yet. Simply asking them this question is enough, but experimenting with a Sag will be next level. You’ll never know what will cause their teeth to sink into their lips.

Capricorn: Show them they’re the boss.

Capricorns tend to have their lives in order, and they could always use a little more appreciation for that fact! Try to role play that your Capricorn lover is the boss and you are their secretary, maid, second in command… whatever! Let them take charge…then try to show them that you can be the boss too.

Aquarius: Explore ~the taboo~.

Aquarius is the innovator of the zodiac, and with Aquarius, foreplay means exchanging taboo sexual ideas. Seriously, don’t keep anything on the table. Maybe even go through one of those “yes/no/maybe” lists together. It’s sexy if it’s done without judgment, and erotic if you take turns experimenting with scenarios.

Pisces: touch them A LOT… or not at all.

Creativity takes you so far with Pisces. Set a time for erotic body painting, candle wax massages or erotically charged phone calls. Give them something to remember while in the astral plane. Another suggestion: lie down together and listen to an erotic audio recording, but you can’t touch each other. Letting your mind drift in sexual meditation is a sure way to thicken up tension, wink wink.

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