Black Panther just revealed the epic secret origin of vibranium

Vibranium is one of the most important substances in the Marvel Universe, and Black Panther believes it is created by the death of past realities.

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Last Annihilation: Wakanda # 1!

Vibranium is one of the most precious metals in the Marvel Universe, and Black Panther learned of its connection to the secret cosmic history of the Marvel Universe. In Last annihilation: Wakanda # 1, Black Panther reveals that he believes vibranium is older than the universe itself and is related to the cycle of creation.

Vibranium is a super rare metal that absorbs and redirects energy, which is found in very few places, especially in the nation of Wakanda. Wakanda has taken this and leveraged it to become not only a global power, but one of the most technologically advanced nations on the planet. Recently, Black Panther helped topple the corrupt rulers of the Wakanda Intergalactic Empire; as a result, he became the new ruler of the Empire. As he adjusts to life as a galactic leader, the galaxy is besieged by the dreaded Dormammu, who has taken control of Ego the living planet. The Wakanda Intergalactic Empire and Black Panther are drawn into combat, causing T’Challa to reflect on his findings regarding the origin of vibranium in The Last Annihilation: Wakanda # 1, written by Evan Narcisse, with illustrations by German Peralta, colors by Jesus Aburtov and letters by Cory Petit.

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M’Baku and Black Panther discuss the Intergalactic Empire and their place in it. This prompts Black Panther to reflect on his quest for the origin of vibranium; he tells M’Baku that he has recently learned the cycles of creation, and that the current multiverse is in fact the Eighth Cosmos (a recreation of the Seventh, following the Secret wars event.) Black Panther suspects that Vibranium is created in “those cycles of secret cosmic history.” Black Panther goes on to tell M’Baku that with enough power, he believes the origin of Vibranium could give him the ability to warp reality.

Black Panther Vibranium Origine

Cycles of cosmic history have featured prominently in a number of Marvel titles over the past few years. Secret wars destroyed the seventh and inaugurated the eighth, and History of the Marvel Universe revealed that Franklin Richards will be the Galactus of the Ninth Cosmos. Meanwhile, in Defenders, Doctor Strange and his team have returned to the sixth cosmos and may return to the first. This idea of ​​creation and history working in cycles is not a new idea, either in culture or in physics, but Marvel has linked Vibranium to these cycles. It adds another layer to vibranium, giving it cosmic significance and linking it to contemporary physics.

Black Panther embarked on an interstellar quest to find the origin of vibranium, and by gathering clues to its secret history, he discovered its future potential to allow the new intergalactic empire of Wakanda to distort the building blocks of creation – thankfully , if anyone can be trusted with that power, it’s Emperor T’Challa.

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