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Dell and HP Inc. concerned about sharp increase in computer sales

(Bloomberg) – Dell Technologies Inc. and HP Inc. reported revenue and profits that showed consumers and businesses continue to buy personal computers even as pandemic lockdowns ease in parts of the world. The good results did not help stocks, which declined amid extended trading.Round Rock, Texas, Dell said fiscal first quarter sales rose 12% to $ 24.5 billion, compared to analysts’ average estimate of $ 23.3 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. HP said revenue in its fiscal second quarter jumped 27% to $ 15.9 billion, also beating estimates of $ 1 billion. HP has also raised its annual profit target. Despite the positive numbers, some investors are betting that PC growth is peaking and won’t accelerate further, said Shannon Cross, analyst at Cross Research. Dell shares fell about 1% and HP fell more than 6% in extended trading following Thursday’s earnings reports.HP saw increased demand for laptops needed by people working and going to distance school during the Covid-19 pandemic, and those sales are persisting, said chief executive Enrique Lores. The drag on the company’s performance is a continuing shortage of computer chips, which means HP cannot match supply with demand for its products, Lores said. This will persist until the end of 2021. Dell executives have echoed the chip concern, predicting that component supply constraints will continue into the next year. The company will include the higher costs of memory chips and displays in its products while observing the impact this may have on demand for computers, said chief financial officer Tom Sweet. I’ll be with us for a while, ”he said in an interview. “In the long term, we are very optimistic about this space. If the pandemic has done anything, it has accelerated customers into thinking they need to invest in technology. Second-quarter revenue typically increases about 6% sequentially, but will likely be lower this year, Sweet predicted. % over the three-month period, which ended April 30. Dell reported a 20% increase in revenue from its laptop and desktop unit. HP, based in Palo Alto, Calif., Said laptop sales were up 47% from the same period a year earlier. But printing and supplies revenues rebounded strongly in the quarter, helped by more companies reopening their offices and restocking. Margins have been affected by rising costs, said CFO Marie Myers. “We expect revenues to be driven by available supply rather than demand,” Myers said. “Components and logistics costs are headwinds.” While Dell CEO Michael Dell is trying to reduce his company’s reliance on one-off hardware sales in favor of subscription-based IT services, PC purchases still generate around half of revenue. Consumer PCs grew 42% to $ 3.5 billion in the quarter, the company said. This compares to a 19% expansion over the previous period. PC sales to businesses and government agencies increased 14% to $ 9.8 billion, while server and network sales rose 9% to $ 4.1 billion from the year previous. Storage equipment sales were $ 3.8 billion. Services revenue increased 10% in the quarter to $ 6.45 billion, while sales of VMware Inc., majority owned by Dell, reached $ 3 billion, up 9 billion %. In April, Dell announced that it would part with its stake in VMware, creating two publicly traded companies and raising cash to repay debt. (Updates with comments from Dell’s CFO beginning in fifth paragraph). now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted source of business news. © 2021 Bloomberg LP

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$ 27 billion challenge looms as clock ticks on yen Libor Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:15:55 +0000

Japan is emerging as a major concern in the global migration away from the London Interbank Offered Rate.
Barely nine months before the yen Libor was abolished, only a fraction of the roughly 3 quadrillion yen ($ 27 billion) of derivatives indexed to the discredited benchmark index switched to alternative benchmarks.
An additional $ 150 billion in cash products such as loans and floating rate notes – many of which cannot be easily transferred to new benchmarks – are not expected to mature until after the Libor expires, according to Fitch Ratings.
As the deadline approaches, concerns are growing that the country could face a messy transition at the end of the year, marked by technical issues, legal disputes and increased volatility in interbank rates.
Global regulators overseeing the end of Libor announced in March that they were considering creating a “ synthetic ” yen rate as an interim measure to allow more so-called hard legacy contracts to come off the books.
“The problem is across the spectrum,” said Willie Tanoto, director of financial institutions at Fitch Ratings in Singapore. “Things can still fall into place over time, it’s just that there is very little room for error.”
The Bank of Japan and the Financial Services Agency say they will monitor the progress of companies and take necessary action.
Companies should work to stop issuing new loans and bonds that refer to yen Libor by the end of June, and significantly reduce the amount of such securities on their books by the end of September, according to a statement. spouse. A representative of the BoJ-backed cross-sector committee on Japanese yen benchmark interest rates declined to comment. Japan, like the United States, United Kingdom and others, has raced against time to prepare for the demise of Libor, a staple of the financial system being phased out by global policymakers due to ‘a lack of underlying trading and as a result of a profile rigging scandal.
Japan’s total exposure is limited from the $ 223 billion pinned to its dollar equivalent, where progress has also been slow.
Yet while Britain’s main Libor replacement has been around since 1997 and its US counterpart launched three years ago, markets are still waiting for one of the main alternatives to Yen Libor to be launched in April, less than nine months before the expiration of the old benchmark. While the United States at the end of last year extended the withdrawal date for key dollar tenors Libor by 18 months, such a move has proved impractical in Japan due to lack of support from panel banks. that help determine the rate.
Decisions taken by Japanese authorities in recent years have also added an additional layer of complexity to parts of the transition.
Unlike the United States and the United Kingdom, the Japanese authorities are not pushing market players towards a single alternative to Libor. The move to reform and keep alive Tokyo’s Libor-like Interbank Offered Rate, or Tibor, could slow adoption of the new Tokyo Average Overnight Rate, or TONA, according to Fitch. The TONA will be used primarily for derivatives while another benchmark, the Tokyo Risk-Free Term Rate, or TORF, will be used for loans and bonds.
In fact, only 3.5% of the yen risk in OTC and exchange-traded interest rate derivative transactions was indexed to TONA in February, according to data and analysis firm Clarus Financial. Technology, among the lowest alternative rates. monitors.
“The TONA market is not ready to absorb the global exposure to Libor,” said Takeshi Iwaki, director at Deloitte Japan, but added that many remain optimistic about the recovery in volumes in the coming months. Lack of liquidity could also delay efforts to develop a forward-looking TONA-based term structure that allows borrowers to know their interest payments in advance, seen as key to facilitating wider adoption, according to Fitch. Equally worrying to some are Japan’s struggles to resolve difficult legacy contracts that will still be tied to Libor when it expires.
Unlike the United States – where lawmakers are pursuing legislation that would impose cutback rates on problematic deals – Japanese officials have made little progress in addressing the problem, according to market watchers.
Senior officials at Japan’s FSA, which is also involved in transition planning, say the scope of the legacy issues is limited.
And the move to new rates could also make further progress once the TORF is launched, these officials say.
TORF remains in the prototype stage, and financial reporting firm QUICK Corp is expected to begin reporting the rate on April 26.
The BoJ expects Libor yen contracts to start moving for good to alternative rates once the TORF begins in April, and sees most transitions complete before the end of September.
For its part, the UK regulator that oversees Libor said in March it plans to consult on setting up a synthetic yen Libor for an additional year to allow more legacy contracts to mature.
While the rate cannot be used for new trades, it could help prevent a wave of lawsuits between counterparties to Libor trades once the benchmark ceases to be published.
But synthetic Libor is not a panacea and bankers will still have to work on adjusting existing contracts, according to Fitch’s Tanoto.
Others see more reason to be optimistic.
A draft version of TONA could be released as early as mid-year, according to Ann Battle, head of benchmark reform at the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.

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The distillery finds fans in its warm atmosphere and its jalapeno moonshine Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

Two unique and controversial examples of Americana – the underground bars of the Prohibition era and the neighborhood taverns after WWII – have long gone down in history.

But not completely. A similar aura can be felt in a distillery operating in Columbus, which many people may not yet have discovered.

Savage Distilling, Inc. is just around the corner from Donut Central and north of Mutt Tubbs N Stylin ‘Dogs.

The tasting room, distillery, bar and food service are tucked away in a space next to the Columbus Rock Climb at the intersection of 15th Street and Cottage Avenue.

Their closest competing distilleries – Hard Truth and Bear Wallow – are located in Brown County.

After legally forming his business on August 14, 2017, owner and owner Mike Arbuckle first applied for all necessary permits before opening at 1561 Cottage Street on November 5, 2017. It took a little longer before getting both permissions. and equipment to start distilling your own spirits.

Unlike the speakeasies of the 1930s, you won’t find any jazz bands or Charleston dancing flappers here. But Savage Distilling has adrenaline-pumping music that goes well with its wide selection of spirits, including bleached bourbon, white rum, cask aged rum, and rye whiskey.

There are also exotic drinks such as Moonchelada – similar to spicy Mexican beer and the tomato juice drink called Michelada. Or if you’re feeling particularly daring, there’s the Mimosa – a blend of champagne with orange juice with a glass of jalapeno moonshine.

“Everyone loves (the moonshine jalapeno),” said Arbuckle. “Our customers want it in bottles.”

The owner and his partner Adrienne Bowles also worked together to come up with menu items that included Hoosier’s favorite dishes and unusual culinary delights.

“I don’t like to make my own horn, but there have been several people who say we have the best chicken wings in town,” said Arbuckle. Other customer favorites include the grilled brisket cheese, pulled pork sliders, and brisket chili.

Do you want something mom was doing? Try the chicken and meatballs with a side of green beans.

Maybe a simple dish that reminds you of your childhood? Order the toasted peanut butter and “sammich” syrup, as Arbuckle called him as a little boy.

The origins of Savage Distilling, Inc. can be traced back to Arbuckle’s childhood, when his grandfather, Logue Branum of Elizabethtown, allowed his grandson to help him while he made wine.

“I knew he had distilled, although I never had the chance to do it with him,” recalls Arbuckle.

After attending Columbus North High School, Arbuckle was taking classes at Indiana Business College when the United States was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001.

Eventually, the wars that followed the attacks motivated Arbuckle to enlist in the United States Army in 2003. After basic training, Arbuckle spent half of his four-year enlistment as an engineer working in the heat. from Iraq. The other half had the Columbus native stationed in the freezing cold of Fort Richardson near Anchorage, Alaska, he said.

Honored upon his release as a non-commissioned officer in 2007, Arbuckle spent two more years in the Indiana National Guard, joined the Carpenter’s Union, and worked for Indianapolis-based Wilhelm Construction for 14 years.

But when he wasn’t on a construction site, Arbuckle picked up where his grandfather left off. He began to study the craft of distilling spirits, as well as offering unique dishes. When he felt he had come up with enough recipes, Arbuckle reached out to his lawyer for advice on setting up a legal distillery and restaurant.

“Once I opened my business, I did both jobs for as long as possible,” he recalls. “But I have learned that you are always on time when you are the owner.”

Rather than relying on large loans, Arbuckle said he was able to open his business with his own savings.

“I didn’t have any extra money so I was a little nervous,” Arbuckle said. “There were days when I walked in here and wondered ‘what am I getting myself into? “” But other days I look around and see what I have. “

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Savage Distilling’s capacity is very limited at this time. But the small size is most reminiscent of mid-20th century neighborhood taverns. Plus, the low overhead has helped the owner keep his establishment afloat.

Small bars are preferable in Arbuckle as he says they are more comfortable which makes everyone more social.

“You can walk in here on your own one evening, and you’ll get to know who’s at the bar that night,” said the owner. “You don’t spend your time here looking at your phone.”

But there is no argument that Savage Distilling, Inc. is overstepping its space. Despite its small size, it was recently voted # 2 Distillery in a regional poll that includes a number of counties, and has racked up nearly 2,000 followers on its Facebook page. New labels have just arrived, and there are tentative plans to begin external distribution by the end of this year, Arbuckle said.

“I need more space, especially at the back,” said Arbuckle. “I would also like to have a little more space here in the bar and the dining room.”

But for now, Arbuckle and Bowles are happy with their comfortable space, where they can, as he puts it, “engage in research and development.”

So what is R&D in the distillery sector?

“Make a few cocktails and find out what goes with it,” Arbuckle said. “This is the funniest part.”

For more information

To learn more about Savage Distilling Inc., 1561 Cottage Ave., visit the Facebook page at

Customers must be at least 21 years old to participate.

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Michigan State Men’s Basketball to be ‘Featured by Rocket Mortgage’ Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

Michigan State University entered into a sponsorship deal with Detroit-based Rocket Mortgage last week and the college’s men’s basketball team will now be referred to as “MSU Spartans Presented by Rocket Mortgage” in advertisements shown in stadiums and athletics, according to a university press release.

After announcing the five-year deal, the university clarified in a March 12 statement that it “is not renaming its men’s basketball team” to include Rocket Mortgage. Matt Larson, associate athletic director for communications, said in an email that “the exact locations and wording will be determined over the next few months.”

However, the company’s sponsorship will be recognized in the MSU basketball arena and football stadium, on the benches and notebooks of basketball teams, and on the football coach’s helmet. Mel Tucker, “making the company synonymous with Spartan athletics,” the statement said. The Rocket Mortgage brand will be incorporated into MSU-controlled athletics shows launched during the 2021-2022 track season, Larson wrote.

Dan Gilbert, founder and chairman of Rocket Mortgage, is an MSU alumnus, and in 2016 he and his wife, Jennifer Gilbert, donated $ 15 million to the university for the refurbishment of the basketball stadium. , a Detroit researchers program and resource center for people with disabilities. mentionned. A pavilion in the stadium is named after Dan Gilbert.

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Loans and scholarships: what’s the difference? Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

Students mainly use two forms of funding to pay for their college education: loans and scholarships. Scholarships are money given to a student based on specific characteristics, such as academic or athletic ability. Scholarship money should never be refunded. Loans are money borrowed by a student or their parents. The loan money must be repaid once a student graduates or leaves university. If loans are part of your college’s affordability plan, it is prudent to choose the ones with the lowest interest rate. Speak to the Office of Student Financial Planning for help determining which loan is best for your particular situation.

Other forms of aid that do not need to be repaid include grants (such as the opportunity scholarship) and, for state students, KEES money. Students may be eligible for this assistance based on factors such as their high school grades or overall financial need. It is important to file a FAFSA as soon as it opens each year in order to receive as much free money as possible, especially as state grants may run out.


When students apply for a loan, they have to go through a process called entry counseling. Students must also sign a principal promissory note for their loans. Financial planning cannot add loans to a student’s bill to help pay for college until the student takes these steps. To complete this process, you can check at Oak Park . You will need your FSA User ID and Password, which is the same information you use to file your FAFSA, to complete this process.

If a parent decides to take a Parent Plus charge and help their child pay for their college education, the parent should also visit oak park to apply for this office. They will also need their FSA user ID and password to complete the credit check process. If the parent is approved, they will also need to complete a primary promissory note. If the parent is refused, the student will be eligible for further unsubsidized loans in their own name.

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Clemson Compliance Corner – Official Clemson Tigers athletics website Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

Clemson Compliance Corner – NCAA Rules Covering Incentives To Hire And Pre-Existing Relationships

As a member of IPTAY, you are considered a representative of an institution’s sporting interests (i.e., Booster) for Clemson University. As a result, the NCAA has strict guidelines regarding boosters and their relationship with prospective student-athletes (i.e. typically 9e – 12e graders and other unofficial visitors, prep school students and junior college student-athletes). According to NCAA rules, boosters should generally not provide any type of benefit or service to prospective student-athletes. The following are examples of these types of benefits and services (non-exhaustive list) and apply to prospective student-athletes, family members and friends:

  • Employment Agreement for Family Members of a Potential Student-Athlete
  • Donation of clothing or equipment
  • Co-signing of loans
  • Provide loans to family members or friends of a potential student-athlete
  • Cash or similar items
  • Any tangible item, including merchandise
  • Free or discounted services, rentals or purchases of any kind
  • Free or reduced accommodation
  • Use of institution athletic equipment (e.g., For a high school All-Star game)
  • Sponsorship or arrangement for an awards banquet for high school, prep school or two-year college athletes
  • Expenses for academic services (e.g., tutoring, test preparation) to help meet the conditions for initial eligibility or transfer eligibility or improving the academic profile of a potential student-athlete in conjunction with a request for exemption

However, the NCAA rules give boosters some flexibility if they have a pre-existing relationship with a potential student-athlete. To meet the NCAA standard for a pre-existing relationship, at a minimum, the following conditions must be met:

  • The relationship predates a potential student-athlete’s participation in athletics
  • The relationship predates the recruit’s status as a potential student-athlete (i.e., Typically 9e – 12e graders and other unofficial visitors, prep school students and junior college student-athletes)
  • Relationship predates potential student-athlete status achieved due to ability or reputation in athletics

If the pre-existing relationship test is successful, there may be some flexibility given to the IPTAY member. However, there is a huge risk in this area that could affect the eligibility of future student-athletes if they enroll in Clemson, so it is imperative that we all do nothing to go against the rules of the NCAA in this area.

Please keep asking before you act and feel free to contact Clemson University Athletic Compliance Services at Thank you for your continued support for Clemson Athletics!

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National Signing Day 2021: Find out where Jackson-area athletes are heading Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

Follow Josh VanDyke on Twitter

JACKSON – It’s been a tough year for most Michigan high school athletes, but Wednesday was a celebration for some seniors.

National Signing Day, which typically falls on the first Wednesday in February each year, marks the official time at which student-athletes can sign their National Letter of Intent to Play College Sports. Some student-athletes held their signing ceremonies during the NCAA’s early signing period from Nov. 18 to Dec. 16, 2020, while some waited until Wednesday to formalize their college plans.

PICTURES: Images of Lumen Christi’s signing ceremony

AFTER: Jackson-area athletes celebrate college decisions on fall signing day

Below is a list of the Jackson-area athletes who celebrated National Signing Day on Wednesday.

NOTE: MLive has sent out requests for information on student-athletes and their college commitments to every school in the region. If a student-athlete is missing from the roster who celebrated their signing day on Wednesday, please email with the name of the student, the sport and the university.


Dorion Riley, Ferris State, Soccer

Canon Rose, Albion College, Swimming


Owen Garcia, Jackson College, baseball

Renae Kutcha, Wayne State, Track

Anna Doane, UNC Asheville, football

Basil Hampton, Saginaw Valley State, Football

Mau Tavera, Albion College, Football

Konnor Barks, Spring Arbor, Football


Randy Frailey, Siena Heights, Wrestling

Chris Sorrow, Siena Heights, Wrestling

Garrett Gumper, Glen Oaks, baseball

Michigan Center’s Shealyn Tripp (23) shoots the ball during a girls’ basketball game at Grass Lake High School on Tuesday, February 4, 2020. Both teams are ranked in the top 10 in Division 3 state. The Michigan Center won the Grass Lake game, 65-55.J. Scott Park |


Shae Tripp, Wayne State, basketball


Kinsie Klingler, Northwestern Ohio (UNOH), volleyball

Kinsie klinger

Kinsie Klingler of Napoleon High School signs his Letter of Intent to Play at Northwestern Ohio University (UNOH) in the fall of 2021. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Bradley).


Grace Hall, Albion College, volleyball and basketball

Ben Young, Finland, Soccer

Peyton Killinger, Spring Arbor, football

Girls basketball Leslie vs Stockbridge

Stockbridge’s Grace Hall (10) shoots the ball during a girls’ basketball game at Stockbridge High School on Friday, January 17, 2020. Stockbridge won the game against Leslie, 39-35.J. Scott Park |


Alec Shaw, Rochester College, cross-country skiing

Jewelia Wolfe, Northwood, softball


Alexis Hamrick, Spring Arbor, bowling

Logan Teubert, Concordia, Bowling

Corryn Berlin, Bethel, Football

Alex Spahr, Adrian College (verbal engagement), Football

Keemondre Robinson, Cleary College, Wrestling

Leslie vs. Olivet

LeslieÕs Ayden Rutan (2) goes to the basket during a Leslie vs Olivet basketball game at Leslie High School on Thursday, February 21, 2019 (Mary Lewandowski | lewandowski


Ayden Rutan, Concordia (Chicago), Basketball

Tristan Feighner, Albion College, Basketball

Cannon Risner, Ferris State, Golf

John Cranmore, Elmhurst, golf

Ben Smieska, Davenport, Wrestling

Haley Ellis, Lansing Community College, Cross Country



Senior offensive lineman Michael McAnnich has signed his national letter of intent to play football at the United States Air Force Academy.


Senior star Taiya Fletcher for the Golden Eagles signed to continue her basketball career at Siena Heights University

Michigan Center takes on Columbia Central in Women's Basketball District Final

Taiya Fletcher (4) of Columbia Central dribbles against Morgan Morris (13) of Michigan Center in an MHSAA Division 3 girls’ basketball district final at Grass Lake High School on Friday, March 6, 2020. Michigan Center wins the game against Columbia Central, 47-35.J. Scott Park |


Jackson-area athletes celebrate college decisions on fall signing day

Michigan Center’s Shea Tripp Finds Her Perfect Place in Wayne State

Three young Michigan footballers ready for the opportunity of a lifetime

Top 10 player of the year: Dorion Riley, “ bowling ball ”, scares opposing defenses

Find out who was in the MLive Jackson Football Dream Team 2020 on offense

Find out who was part of the MLive Jackson Football Dream Team 2020 in defense

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University of Michigan athlete coalition wants two-week shutdown overturned Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

A group of student-athletes at the University of Michigan want the decision to end all sporting activities for two weeks overturned.

Michigan wrestler Myles Amine posted on Twitter a statement from a “student-athlete coalition” on Monday, begging the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to reconsider the two-week shutdown and the required quarantine .

Michigan on Saturday announced it was suspending all practices and games “until further notice and for up to 14 days” due to several positive cases of the COVID-19 variant, B.1.1.7, which transmits about 50% more easily, according to the MDHHS.

“University of Michigan student-athletes recognize the seriousness of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and have done everything in our power to prevent the spread of this virus to the best of our ability,” the statement said. “Recently, 5 confirmed cases of the B.1.1.7 strain were found in the sports department, which triggered the closure of all sports-related activities and the closure of all sports facilities by the Ministry of Health and Michigan Human Services in conjunction with the Washtenaw County Department of Health.

“While we, the University of Michigan student-athletes, understand the seriousness of this virus and take it very seriously, we believe this MDHHS mandate is unnecessary and should not only be reconsidered, but overturned.”

MDHHS spokeswoman Lynn Sutfin told MLive on Monday that the ministry memorandum he sent to Michigan on Saturday regarding the virus outbreak was just a recommendation to close, not an order.

However, a UM athletics source said officials interpreted the state memorandum as a warrant.

While the MDHHS said there were five confirmed cases of the variant within the program and “additional suspected cases”, several teams have not been affected by the outbreak, according to a source.

The “student-athlete coalition” believes that the measures taken to mitigate the virus are too severe. Meanwhile, Christian Hubaker, a member of the men’s track and field team, created a online petition in the hope of obtaining the lifting of the judgment.

“Based on departmental testing policies, quarantining healthy students is unnecessary and excessive,” the statement continued. “Placing all student-athletes in mandatory quarantine, instead of working team by team, is unfair to athletes who have followed all the protocols necessary to compete and who have had no contact with confirmed cases. These student-athletes went above and beyond to earn the right to have a season in the midst of a pandemic.

“We think it’s just illogical to impose a quarantine on student-athletes given that at this point there are no additional mitigation strategies recommended apart from what the athletes already have. respected (masking, social distancing, inner bubbles, etc.). University of Michigan student-athletes stand united to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone in our community safe.

More than 10 teams are currently competing during the winter season: men’s and women’s basketball, men’s hockey, wrestling, volleyball, men’s and women’s gymnastics, men’s and women’s swimming and diving, indoor athletics and cross-country.

The Michigan Sports Department reported on Friday that 22 student-athletes tested positive for COVID-19 between Jan. 16 and Jan. 22.

Hockey coach Mel Pearson said Monday his team had not had a positive COVID-19 test since July 7.

“I guess my first reaction was a bit of shock, a bit of surprise, a bit of disappointment, a bit of anger,” Pearson told a small group of reporters via video teleconference. “Our players did a great job.”

Pearson said he spoke to his team on Saturday night and Sunday.

“The main point of the calls was just to reinforce the message from our athletic director and our department about what this means and what our responsibilities are as student-athletes,” he said. “Then you have to make sure that they were all okay and going to be okay and that the resources are available to them. And then third, just to remind them that we still have one season at this point. I told them that I am convinced that we will continue and come back to it and that we must do everything in our power to help each other. Not only stay safe, but stay positive and be prepared for the day we return as a group. “

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3 Ann Arbor Area Seniors Win MHSAA Scholarships Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

Three seniors from the Ann Arbor area are among 32 Michigan High School Athletic Association scholarship and athlete recipients for the 2020-2021 school year.

The MHSAA released the Class A winners on Tuesday with Laura O’Brien from Ann Arbor Skyline receiving the honor of joining Andrew Kowalski (Class B) from Chelsea and Finn Feldeisen (Class C) from Ann Arbor Greenhills, who have been honored earlier this month.

About 32 senior high school athletes won the $ 1,000 scholarship and are expected to receive the honor at an online awards ceremony later this winter.

Seven athletes from the Ann Arbor area were among the 120 finalists for this year’s program, which is in its 32nd year.

To be eligible, students had to have at least a GPA of 3.50 with a college letter in at least one MHSAA sponsored sport.

Students also submitted answers to short essay questions, two letters of recommendation, and a 500-word essay on the importance of fair play.

Over 8,300 scholarships have been awarded since the inception of the program.

Learn more about the Ann Arbor area winners below.

Laura O’Brien, Ann Arbor Skyline

Class A

Laura O’Brien was on the Skyline varsity cross country team for four seasons, serving as the team captain last fall and is set to make her fourth season with the track team in the spring. next.

O’Brien has competed in two MHSAA Cross Country State Finals and qualified for the Track and Field State Finals and was named All-Region in Track. She was named Academic Star in both sports and helped the Eagles achieve academic honors in each sport.

She has also participated in the National Honor Society, the Freeman Environmental Education Youth Council, the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability Climate Change workshops, and the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition Community Forum.

O’Brien also performed for four years in choir and was a website designer, administrator and co-founder of a virtual tutoring program. She plans to study environmental science at university.

Andrew Kowalski, Chelsea

Class B

Andrea Kowalski has participated in basketball, soccer and cross country, while gaining recognition from all soccer conferences. She is a team captain of both football and basketball and helped Chelsea open the 2021 basketball season with a 4-1 record and assisted the team in their 2020 conference championship season.

She has also participated in the student council, marching band, symphony orchestra, National Honor Society, and civic engagement club as a founding member. She will study engineering in Michigan.

Finn Feldeisen, Ann Arbor Greenhills

Class C

Finn Feldeisen played college tennis and lacrosse while at Greenhills. He won all-state tennis honors after winning a state final flying championship and helped the lacrosse team win a league title in 2019.

Feldeisen has also been involved in student council, Model United Nations, forensics, peer-to-peer math tutoring, United Way and the regional youth council. He won the Ambassador Award from the United Nations Association of the United States and plans to study business at university.


Vote for Ann Arbor Area Basketball Player of the Week (February 15-20)

MHSAA honors 32 researcher-athletes with $ 1,000 scholarships

MHSAA: High school spring sports to begin March 22

7 Ann Arbor area athletes named finalists for MHSAA varsity athlete scholarship

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DC: FIR Lodge in Co-op Loan Scam: The Tribune India Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

Our correspondent


A delegation of members of the Ispur Agriculture Service Society in Haroli today met with DC Sandeep Kumar and complained about large-scale irregularities in the company.

Una DC Sandeep Kumar summoned Deputy Registrar Una of Cooperative Societies Rattan Bedi and ordered him to file an FIR and attach the properties of major lenders.

Dr Suraj Pathak, a local resident who was part of the delegation, distributed copies of the complaint to mediapersons, that the company’s 2018-2019 audit report revealed the irregularities. The company, which has deposits of Rs 22 crore, had advanced loans of around Rs 17 crore and now has no money left to pay back investors.

According to the complaint, one of the main irregularities was that company secretary Shyam Kumar disbursed loans of Rs 8.68 crore to 10 company members, including himself, his father Tilak Raj, his wife Kavita. and his nephew Aman Kumar. Together the four had been advanced Rs 3.4 crore loans. Two other people, Anoop Kumar and Joginder Pal, had received 80 lakh of Rs and 60 lakh of Rs, although they claimed to have taken no loans.

The complaint also mentions that the secretary and his father are partners in the “Sombhadra distilleries” being created in Ispur. The funds were embezzled for the establishment of the unit.

Bedi said an individual cannot receive more than Rs 10 lakh. The property of Shyam Kumar has been tied and the process of pegging the properties of major borrowers will soon be started.

The DC is also committed to raising the issue of the distillery with the regulatory services and the bank to ensure the credibility of the documents submitted by the firm.

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