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Great commodity boom hits Chinese wall

What’s happening: Five major Chinese regulators announced on Monday that they had jointly convened key companies in the iron ore, steel, copper and aluminum sectors over the weekend. During the meeting, the agencies pledged to step up regulation and monitor commodity markets closely, warning that there would be “zero tolerance” …

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Five reasons why cryptocurrencies are sounding the alarm

Interest in cryptocurrencies has grown over the past year and policymakers are scrambling to catch up. Investors rushed into major digital currencies such as bitcoin and a growing industry of financial products linked to them, prompting regulators to set new rules for a rapidly growing world. Financial regulators appointed by …

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3 Ways Spring Cleaning Can Save You Money

Turn your waste into money with these simple tips. Need a little motivation to do your spring cleaning this year? Here’s a big one: money. There is almost certainly something of value hidden in your home somewhere. I’m not talking about coins and cash – although there can be! But …

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