The Universe

How the Marvel Cinematic Universe chooses its heroes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become one of the most valuable storytelling properties in the world, and that doesn’t always happen by betting on the most popular characters. This was certainly the case with Iron Man, the proper first installment of the MCU, which centered on what was widely considered …

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How Thor changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The first person reportedly approached was Daniel Craig, who had just starred in his second James Bond film, Quantum of comfort. It was because of his commitments to the already massive 007 franchise that Craig turned down the Asgardian hammer, though it’s hard to imagine the nail-biting Craig as the …

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The best national costumes for Miss Universe 2020

Morning Message from South China UN members call for ‘immediate, meaningful and unhindered access’ to Xinjiang for rights inquiry A group of United Nations members called on China to grant “immediate, meaningful and unhindered access” to Xinjiang for the group’s human rights chief to inspect alleged abuses by Uighurs and …

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