Cinephile Hissy Fit Podcast Calms the Universe with Ad Astra and Guest Aaron White

How does the Cinephile Hissy Fit podcast, sponsored and supported by the Ruminations Radio Network, calm down after a heated argument from a previous show? They bring the guest back and try again. For fans of the series, our 53rd episode covering Passengers was a rant for the ages featuring Aaron White, one of the hosts of the Feelin’ Film podcast. After this verbal fight, we had to bring him back and calm our mutual universes.

For their 60th episode, two steadfast film critics, non-absent fathers, and astronomy professors Will Johnson and Don Shanahan welcomed Feelin’ Film’s Aaron White to stay in space, but in a solar system much closer to at home and with way, way, much less pissing and moaning through the three opinions. This new show deals with Brad Pitt’s recent and ruminant vehicle A d astra it creates a combined civility to enjoy a calmer sci-fi and father-son dynamic.


Aaron White, host of the Feelin' Film podcast

Aaron White is a lifelong podcast listener whose passion for discussing films in a positive way came to fruition in the creation of Feelin’ Film alongside his childhood best friend, Patrick. With so much negativity in both film criticism and fandom, the collective dislike of a movie tends to ring louder than those who praise it. His hope is that by shining a light on the emotional impact of all the films discussed, Feelin’ Film can begin to shape listeners’ viewing habits and encourage them to focus on the best a film has to offer instead. to cling to what they have done. not like.

He is currently an Accredited Film Critic and a member of the Seattle Film Critics Society living in Seattle, WA with his two children, three cats and a Boston Terrier puppy. Although the majority of his free time is invested in Feelin’ Film, he also enjoys watching sports, playing games and hiking. He is also very fond of conversation about all these things and is active on Twitter, Facebook and Letterboxd. 🍌 Approved

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As Will and Don like to say, come for the shared challenge and tirade, and stay for the mutual love and respect for the fun movies within. Thank you so much for your captive audience and social media participation! Enjoy our new podcast episode!

Ad Astra (2019)

Listen to this episode of Cinephile Hissy Fit on Spotify. For their 60th episode, two quiet film critics, non-absent fathers and astronomy teachers, Will Johnson and Don Shanahan, welcomed back previous guest Aaron White, one of the hosts of the hit podcast Feelin’ Film.

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