Compatibility of zodiac signs Leo and Scorpio, according to astrologers


Leo and Scorpio are like night and day. The fiery lion of the zodiac is ruled by the Sun, so he is energetic, outgoing, confident and optimistic. Scorpio, on the other hand, is ruled by transformative Pluto, which represents death, rebirth, obsessions, and hidden truths. For this reason, the watery scorpion is intense, secretive, and emotional. It is a relationship between two signs whose personality and outlook on life are completely different. The Leo and Scorpio zodiac compatibility has everything you need to know about this dramatic pair of Fire and Water signs.

As professional psychic and astrologer Stina Garbis tells Bustle, Leo and Scorpio form a square aspect in astrology, which means they are 90 degrees to each other in the zodiac wheel. “A relationship between these signs can be riddled with conflict, drama and power struggles, or they can come together and share their deepest thoughts and secrets, and find renewal and transformation,” says Garbis.

Leo is a Fire sign, while Scorpio is a Water sign. Since fire and water are natural opposites, fire-water combinations tend to be more difficult than fire and air or earth and water. Despite the potential challenges in their relationship, there are aspects of their personalities that complement each other well. For example, Leo craves being in the spotlight, while Scorpio prefers to stay behind the scenes. According to archetypal astrologer Rebecca M. Farrar, they balance each other in a certain way and can learn from each other as well.

“The depth and receptivity of a Scorpio can teach Leo to care less about the outside world and pay more attention to the inside,” says Farrar. “Although their outer personalities may seem at odds, the differences can pay off in finding a middle ground between the two. The tension between their different ways of being in the world can create a magnetism, with each craving something in the world. ‘other than it owns or not.

Leo and Scorpio sexual compatibility

Sexually, Leo and Scorpio can make a hot combo. According to astrologer Clarisse Monahan, Leo is ruled by the Sun, while Scorpio is ruled by combustible Mars. “Together they create a lot of fire,” she says.

There can be something intriguing about being with someone who is completely different than you, and that’s what attracts these two in the first place. Leo will love the amount of attention they get from intense Scorpio, and Scorpio will be drawn to Leo’s confidence, creativity, and passion.

Their differences can also create an interesting type of tension where they seem to hate each other at one point and can’t pull away from each other. They are both passionate signs, which means their relationship will be filled with spicy interludes and angry sex, Garbis says.

Once they find a happy medium in their relationship, their sex life can be great. According to Garbis, a more open Leo can help release Scorpio’s sexuality, and things can get a little weird in the bedroom with domination games.

Leo and Scorpio emotional compatibility

In general, Scorpios are known to be intense. They feel things deeply, give 100% in their relationships, and tend to get a little possessive. Leo, on the other hand, is a romantic. They value loyalty, commitment, and are known to make big gestures of love. They are both fixed zodiac signs, so it will take some time for them to open up to each other emotionally. But once they commit to being together, they’re there for life.

But the road to happiness forever will not be easy for these two. Emotionally, this is a pair that could quickly turn poisonous. “Whenever Leo says something, Scorpio stops him immediately, then Leo gets angry and Scorpio sulks,” she says. “It is a constant battle between light and dark, with the vivid Leo Sun being dragged into darkness by the lethal Scorpio Pluto.” Leo and Scorpio just have one way to fire up easily, and the Leo may find that they don’t like the person they’ve become in that relationship. Scorpios may feel like their partner doesn’t really understand them.

Unless both partners are prepared to take a step back and acknowledge their unhealthy behaviors, this is a partnership that is not going to last.

The biggest potential problems in a Leo-Scorpio relationship

Because of their square appearance, having a successful relationship will take a lot of work. For Leo and Scorpio, one of the biggest issues they may face is Leo’s love for the spotlight and Scorpio’s need for privacy.

“Leo’s qualities of stage presence need a captivated audience in the theater of love, but Scorpios also need so much devotion, they just prefer to receive it behind closed doors,” Monahan explains. “It’s likely that there is a stalemate due to the amount of attention given to either partner, and both signs can end up feeling frustrated and overlooked.”

In order to make a relationship work, both partners must be prepared to compromise. And unfortunately, Leo and Scorpio can be a bit selfish in their relationships. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which represents the Self, and Scorpio likes to do things as they please. Chances are these two will clash a lot. Since neither partner really likes to give in, small arguments tend to last longer than they should. Power struggles could be a big relationship killer here.

Overall, Leo and Scorpio are considered an incompatible zodiac match. With different personalities, making things work will take a lot of effort on the part of both partners. But if they can manage to do the necessary work and meet in the middle, they stand a chance.

“By learning and knowing the deepest secrets, motivations and strengths of their partners, this couple could weather any outer storm and achieve any goal together,” Garbis said.


Stina Garbis, professional clairvoyant and astrologer

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