CW Boss on the Future of Net’s DC Universe Amid Ownership Changes – Deadline

In its biggest contraction ever, The CW’s DC Universe lost three series heading into next season with the cancellation of the veteran Legends of tomorrow as well as batwoman, currently in season 3, and freshman Noemie. It now consists of veteran Flash, Superman and Lois and new entry Gotham Knights — all for mid-season — as well as star girl (shared with HBO Max), which is DC’s only representative on the fall schedule.

The downsizing comes as The CW is being sold to station owner Nexstar, and its current co-parent Warner Bros., which owns the DC brand and provided The CW’s superhero shows. , also just underwent a merger. The new direction of Warner Bros. Discovery has made revamping DC a priority and is looking to create a cohesive Marvel-like cinematic universe.

Where does The CW’s DC Universe fit into this? During the network’s pre-press call, CW Chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz did not comment on WBD’s plans, but spoke about the network’s intentions.

“For the CW DC Universe, we have Gotham Knightsso we’re staying in the superhero business, we’re staying with Greg Berlanti who creatively orchestrated the CW DC Universe,” he said.

Noting that there are only three returning DC shows, he acknowledged that The CW’s DC Universe “isn’t as robust as we have been for the past few years.”

Yet, “we started with one, which was Arrow 10 years ago, we’ve now moved on to creating a whole bunch of superheroes and we’re proud of that,” Pedowitz said. “We plan to stay in this business regardless of the results if it sells or does not sell. I think the Warner side realizes the value of having these properties, DC Comics realizes the value of what they’re doing for their marketing in terms of what these franchises are. Legends created whole new life for characters they may not even have existed or used; they had not seen the light of day. We’ve brought enormous value to DC and Warner Bros. in terms of realizing the universe that Greg Berlanti and his team have created.

Again, unable to speak for Warner Bros. Discovering how they envision the CW’s DC sub-universe being connected to the overall DC universe they control, Pedowitz said, “As far as we are concerned, we are interconnected because of the work of Greg Berlanti. and his team and will remain so.

Gotham Knights sharing characters with Warner Bros.’ feature franchise Batman; the network has its own Superman, and The CW’s Flash co-exists with the character’s extended version in the studio’s upcoming film.

The flagship series of CW DC Universe, flash, enters its ninth season, surpassing Arrow as the network’s longest-running DC drama.

“We have no decision on whether this could be the last season,” Pedowitz said.

He plans to meet with series EPs Eric Wallace and Berlanti soon to discuss the future of the series.

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