Daily Bugle reveals the secret of the Marvel Universe

Ben Urich, journalist and co-owner of the Daily Bugle, published an article in x-men #12 revealing a secret that may have lasting ramifications on Cyclops and for the entire Marvel Universe. Written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Pepe Larraz, Cyclops and Synch pursue an ORCHIS member named Dr. Stasis. Previously, Dr. Stasis used Cyclops’ corpse to unlock the secret that mutants had achieved true resurrection ability. The master geneticist relayed this information to Ben Urich, but it was erased from his memory. Now, in issue #12, Urich’s memories are restored and he is given permission to run with the story. However, this can jeopardize Cyclops’ position with his team.

What will be the lasting ramifications for the X-Men?

Mutantkind now lives on the island nation of Krakoa and operates under the guidance of the Silent Council. Mutant politics have become messy. However, since Cyclops shared the secret information with Ben Urich and allowed him to print the story, he fears his stand on the X-Men won’t be long for the world. In the middle of a mission later in the issue, Cyclops speaks with his Silent Council team and says:

Well, the Silent Council will be furious, but hopefully our people will catch their breath, and on second thought, let’s say… Cyclops was right.

He is a hopeful leader. Beyond Scott’s fear, the issue also follows Mr. Stasis, now revealed to be a potential clone of fan-favorite Mr. Sinister, as he meets fellow ORCHIS member: MODOK On Gameworld, Marvel Girl , Rogue, Wolverine and Polaris take down Cordyceps Jones. They free hundreds of citizens and eliminate Cordyceps as a threat to Earth. Gerry Duggan really writes a compelling number that does a fabulous job of keeping fans invested. Pepe Larraz’s art is beautiful and complements Duggan’s story well.

Next up is the real threat: the Hellfire Gala…

x-men #12 is already in your local comic book store.

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