Daily horoscope for June 7: reading your astrological sign, astrology and zodiac predictions

Virgo is one of the most mutable signs of the zodiac – and also one of the most action-oriented. While transiting in this sign, the frequency of the Moon encounters a level of change and improvement; bringing with it the power to make more positive adjustments and skills to strategize and plan more effectively. It can also bring out your worst inner critic, so try to make a conscious effort not to sink into negativity during this transit.

“Some people are very sensitive to its celestial changes, and some people barely feel its influence.

“It depends on you, your makeup, your attention and SO MUCH internal and external factors.

“But as a collective, the sign of the Moon has a defining, if sometimes subtle, effect on the energetic ‘weather’ of each day.”

Between order and action, the sign of Virgo is closely associated with health, which means that the day could emit a more healing undertone.

Emotionally, however, the Virgo Moon can be slightly more critical, making it important to step back and notice when you’re going downhill slightly because it won’t be healthy.

The Moon School said, “With the potential for niggling, it’s important not to sink into negativity, especially if you overwork and fatigue yourself.”

Perfectionism can also skyrocket during these transits – which certainly has its pros and cons. Try not to overdo it and “understand that it’s good enough”.

Today’s Mars-Saturn semi-square might suggest that it’s best to slow down in the face of obstacles, as acting too quickly can create more resistance.

Cafe Astrology said, “Since circumstances seem to be blocking our efforts to assert ourselves, patience is needed now.

Today’s Mars-Pluto quintile will help with this, because according to Cafe Astrology, we may be more “willing to challenge ourselves, and we tend to turn to plans and strategies to get what we desire.

“It’s a good time to identify problems and make plans to solve them.”

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