Daily horoscope for October 5: Reading your astrological sign, astrology and zodiac predictions


The season of Libra is in full swing and the Moon is also turning into Libra at some point today. Mercury in retrograde interacting with Neptune will temporarily disrupt your productivity and organization, and we’ll be more likely to focus on relationship-solving and daydreaming.

Mercury is staggered Neptune while Mercury is retrograde today.

Cafe Astrology says that this transit “tends to diffuse our focus or focus.”

The mystics added, “We might falter with uncertainty as it can be difficult to combine logic and intuition in a coherent way.”

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The Moon moves from Virgo to Libra and it is in trine with Saturn, which is very positive.

Cafe Astrology said, “With the Moon in Libra, we seek to create more harmony and balance in our lives, especially in our relationships.

“As the Moon’s trine to Saturn tonight stabilizes, a Mars-Uranus aspect that is correct tomorrow morning may cause some commotion tonight.”

A New Moon will also occur tomorrow morning, but we can feel it building already today.

Cafe Astrology said, “We may feel that we are on the verge of something important.

“It’s best to slow down at this point in the lunar cycle, letting our intuition guide us.”


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