DC Universe Online releases secrets of Kahndaq’s time capsule, with Black Adam the new ally

DC Universe Online opens new chapters with episode 44: Black Adam’s Sins coming next week. There’s something new now though, including Black Adam as an ally, the new Secrets of Kahndaq time capsule and content, new gear styles, collectible rewards, and more.

With the DC Universe movie Black Adam hitting theaters this weekend, it’s only natural that the DCUO The team is preparing a big Black Adam-themed tie-in. Black Adam is the latest ally to join the game, which you get by opening Secrets of Kahndaq Time Capsules. Open 15 and get a Black Adam doll or 25 for the ally.

Grab it and take advantage of its abilities like Divine Destruction, which calls down eight lightning bolts on your enemies with a single call of the word Shazam! Other abilities include two passives, including Strength of Amun, which helps finisher superpowers target enemies and drop a Spirit Orb, which gives all players who pick it up power, accuracy, and healing boosts.

The Kahndaq Secrets Time Capsule is available now, and if you want one you need to log in and play and eventually find this time capsule when you defeat an enemy and you are lucky enough to get one in a drop . Then, of course, you’ll have to get a stabilizer by playing more or buying one. Once you have one, the capsule is yours to open.

New Time Capsules include Secrets of Kahndaq gear styles. You’ll get a random standard or upgraded piece of equipment to choose from for each capsule you open. Once you choose and consume the item, you’ll get a level-appropriate piece of gear. Secrets of Kahndaq collection rewards are also possible to assemble, including the Mister Mind accessory and Battle Damaged Slimline Cache. There is also a set of possible Hieroglyphics skins. Other loot includes emblems and a chance to get the Godseye Chroma Pack.

Read all the details at DC Universe Online.

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