Discover all the ways astronomy can ruin lives with Astronomy on Tap: SPlog: Smile Politely

Astronomy on Tap is organizing an event called “Death From the Skies” and “Space Weather” on Thursday September 23 from 7 to 8 pm at the Krannert Performing Arts Center. The event is for all ages, free and open to the public. There will be two speakers: University of Illinois professor Leslie Looney and graduate student Chris Tandoi.

From the Facebook event page:

Have you ever thought about all the ways astronomy can kill you? Leslie will talk about the dangers of asteroids, the Sun, supernovae, aliens, and the end of the Universe. The dangers continue with Chris’ talk about the constant state of turmoil of the Sun, solar flares and coronal mass ejections at aurorae at the poles. Rain clouds and heat waves aren’t the only types of weather you need to worry about!

Professor Leslie Looney is a professor in the Illinois Department of Astronomy and focuses primarily on the early stages of star formation. In particular, he studies the circumstellar disc surrounding young protostars; these disks are the native environment of the planets. Chris Tandoi is a third year graduate student in the Department of Astronomy who works in the South Pole Telescope Collaboration, studying flare stars as well as constructing lenses for future experiments.

Top image by Barbara Benas and from the AoT Facebook event page.

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