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Sagittarius needs to take care of their health today Sunday, as some issues may arise, while Aquarius is suggested to recognize their talent and make efforts to develop it. Cancer will derive financial gain from paid commission work. The day could bring some delicious news for Gemini. Pisces should avoid showing off, instead they are advised to maintain a disciplined lifestyle.


Remain cautious about commercial contracts

There would be pressure from the family. You will encounter difficulties from high ranking officers. There can be ups and downs in your financial situation. Be careful with commercial contracts. You may be bothered by a throat infection and irritation. There would be a slowdown in activity. The planet Mars rules your sign, therefore, the crimson red, the numbers 1, 8 and the letters A, L, E will be lucky.


Your income is likely to increase

You will exercise good judgment today. The problems ahead in the marriage of your children will be overcome. Your income is likely to increase. You will enjoy the day having fun and frolic with friends. The planet Venus is the ruler of your zodiac sign, a pastel blue color, the numbers 2 and 7, and the letters B, V, U will bring good luck.


Don’t waste your time unnecessarily

People associated with politics could be promoted to a higher position. You can plan a vacation with your friends. The day could bring some delicious news. Your pending disputes may be resolved. You will spend quality time with your children, don’t waste your time unnecessarily. The color yellow, the letters K, C and G and the numbers 3, 6 will bring you luck because Mercury rules your sign.


The day would remain very favorable for you

The day would remain very favorable to you. Your loved ones can come to your home. Chances are you can start a new business. A big problem is going to be solved. There would be financial gains from commission work. Your family can organize an auspicious ceremony. Since the Moon is your ruling planet, you can wear a milky white color today for good luck. The letters H, D and the number 4 will give you all the good advice.

LION (JULY 23 – AUG 23)

Stay away from laziness and neglect

You may encounter obstacles in your profession. The day will make you borrow money. It would not be wise to blindly trust strangers. Your mind will be troubled by an unknown fear, but your self-confidence will increase. Stay away from laziness and neglect. As the Sun will rule your Rashi, the golden color, the alphabets M, T and the number 5 are for you.


Today, protect your self-esteem

You will participate with dedication in religious activities. Today, protect your self-esteem. Your health will remain good. Your elders will stay happy with you. There would be financial gains from real estate transactions. Virgo will enjoy a great reputation at the social level. Mercury is Lord Rashi, so green emerald is your lucky color. The numbers 3, 8 and the letters P, T and N will bring good luck.


You will get rid of chronic health problems

You will receive immense help from your associates. Travel would prove beneficial. You will get great results in the job and you could also buy a new vehicle. You will get rid of chronic health problems. The romantic relationship will make you emotional. As Venus is the dominant planet, the wear of iron or silver, the numbers 2, 7 and the letters R, T will accompany you in all your steps.


The tensions around your life as a couple will subside

Scorpio, you will be motivated to participate in social work. Many profitable opportunities will be knocking on your door. You will be delighted to get the desired results in the job. There are chances of a long distance trip. The tensions that surround your life as a couple will subside. Mars rules your birth sign, so the lucky color would be red, the lucky letters would be N and Y, and the lucky numbers would be 1, 8.


Take care of your health

You could do some specific planning for your career. It is advisable not to waste money on unnecessary things. There are risks of arguments in your marital relationship. Your relationships with distinguished people will grow stronger. Take care of your health as some problems can arise. Avoid getting into unnecessary arguments. Your lucky color will be yellow, lucky numbers will be 9, 12, while lucky letters will be B, D and P.


You could earn nice profits in the business

There are chances of huge financial gains in the business. Old disputes could be resolved today. You will be spending generously on your life partner. To some extent, your dominance will increase in your family. As Saturn is Lord Rashi, the cyan color will bring you luck. The numbers 10, 11 and the letters K, J will bring grace to you today.


Stay focused and keep your eyes on your goal

The family atmosphere would remain peaceful, and there are chances of traveling abroad. You will remain dedicated to your future projects. It is suggested that you should recognize your talent and make efforts to develop it. You will receive the overdue payment. Saturn also rules your sign, which means that the color cyan and the numbers 10, 11 are also lucky for you. The letters G and S will bring you luck.


Avoid frost

People might ignore your words. You should avoid getting noticed, but instead maintain a disciplined lifestyle. Make sure your posture is correct as neck pain may appear. Speak politely with everyone. And you are advised not to trust strangers. The Pisces zodiac sign is ruled by the planet, hence the numbers 9, 12, the color yellow, and the letters D, C, J and T will guide you today.

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