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The Borders the series is full of interesting characters and unique enemies. Players can enjoy a fun interaction with innuendo-loving Mad Moxxi before embarking on an intense fight with a deadly Skag, the series excelling in its characters and gameplay. While players may have spent a lot of time on Pandora, seeing multiple regions around the world, it is no longer the only playable planet in the series.

Instead of keeping the Borders community on Pandora for another game, Gearbox has kept the promise made with Borderlands 2‘Sending in progress. Players explored several new planets in Borders 3, finding different wildlife and cool environments on each. It was a breath of fresh air for the series, and I hope more planets continue to be introduced as new games are released. After all, while Borders fans may have experienced a larger universe in the game of 2019, the number of planets mentioned briefly indicates that there is still a lot to see.

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Pandora, the most important planet in Borderlands


In the first two Borders games, players are found only on Pandora. Full of deadly creatures and bandits, life on Pandora is harsh – some of the horrific things happening on the planet are driving Tannis mad. As shown on the Borderlands 2, there is more to Pandora than just an empty desert, with more colorful biomes visited. Yet the desert part of the map remains the most recognizable, and this is where Borders 3Pandora focused content has taken place. Skags, Varkids, and other iconic creatures are just a few of the enemies found on Pandora.

While interesting characters like Typhon DeLeon can be traced back to Pandora, Gearbox has expanded beyond location. Elpis is a clear example of this, with Pandora’s one and only moon being the location explored by players during Borderlands: the pre-sequel. The Crunchy Event brought lava-filled cracks and interesting colors to Elpis, and it features low gravity alongside unique foes like the Kraggons. Although these places are emblematic, Borders 3 featured much more than Pandora and her moon, making it clear that the series goes beyond a single parameter.

The many other planets of Borderlands


In Borders 3main story, players visit four new planets. The first is Promethea, a high-tech town where players face off against the Maliwan company. The next stop is Athena, a planet full of monks who study mermaids. Although there are plenty of Ratch to fight, the area is full of mountains and magnificent temples. The next stop is Eden-6, the sixth moon of the gas giant Eden, and players will quickly realize that this is the home of the Borders arms manufacturer Jakobs. As they travel through jungles and swamps, players will face off against dinosaur-like Saurians. Finally, there is Nekrotafeyo, the Eridian homeworld. Insect-like enemies and guardians can be found here.

Borders 3Its DLC content also introduces two other planets. While Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot took players to a space casino, Guns, Love, and Tentacles took players to Xylorghous. An icy planet with a dead Vault monster, the creature’s still beating heart began to influence those nearby. The Lovecraft-inspired Bonded fight in this spooky place, the name of the planet being a nod to The Thing. With Krieg’s mind not really counting, the other planet DLC was Bounty of Blood’s Gehenna. This neat location features a mix of a Japanese and Wild West aesthetic, and its beauty made the expansion much more memorable.

While these are all places Borders fans have actually had a chance to explore so far, other planets have been mentioned but not properly featured in the game. They can be seen below.

  • Aquator: Featured in some travel posters, this vacation destination appears to be a planet covered in water with a few small islands.
  • Artemis: Little is known about this planet beyond the fact that it is the home of Mordecai.
  • Dionysus: Lilith’s home planet. Again, little is known about him.
  • Menoetius: Brick’s home planet.
  • Demophon: A planet mentioned by Axton.
  • Isolated: The home planet of the Baha family.
  • Eunomia: Captain Scarlett’s house. We don’t know anything else about this place.
  • Grophic IV: General Knoxx was planning to retreat to this mysterious planet, as it was his place of origin.
  • Yesterday: Axton’s home planet.
  • Hephaestus: Mr: Torgue’s home planet.
  • Hermes: Sir Hammerlock’s home planet. Fans know it has a fine feel and borders around a blue star, which means it might be worth exploring someday.
  • Epita: Oddly enough, this planet housed a safe, with Gaige, Axton, and Aurelia speaking here.
  • Hera: Wilhelm’s home planet.
  • Hestias: Another planet where Axton served a mission as a soldier.
  • Junpai-7: If a future Borders game ever explores the mechanics of swimming, this planet would surely feature. Hammerlock describes him as having a lot of deep sea creatures to hunt.
  • Tantalum: The home planet of iconic villain Handsome Jack.
  • Themis: The planet where Axton’s wife Sarah resides.
  • Honor 4651: A planet where Lilith’s father died.
  • Thrace: Another planet where Axton carried out one of his missions.
  • Sarcannus-3: A planet where Vladof’s army fought.
  • The other moons of Eden: While players can explore Eden-6, Eden-3, Eden-4, Eden-5, and Eden-7 have been mentioned in lore. The third moon was visited by Hammerlock, the fourth has a “megaversity” where the characters can study, the fifth is likely Gaige’s home planet, and Eden-7 was named by Vaughn in Tales of the Borders.

With the Borders the universe being clearly massive and several planets mentioned but never explored, there is a lot of potential for a future game to further expand the universe event. While the next Little Tina’s Wonderland will take players to a fantasy world, the next big Borders the game could take them to Tantalus, Junpai-7, or somewhere entirely new.

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