Explore the seas and stars in Belmar, NJ with this astronomy experience

There is a way to not only see the beauty of the ocean at night, but also to gaze at the stars in Belmar, NJ.

I found this site called Astronomy Events which takes passengers on a beautiful night cruise on the sea and one of the places they offer you to sail in Belmar!

The experience is pretty cool and super fun and educational too. You board the boat with your group and embark on a nocturnal astronomy lesson at sea.

The whole ship gathers on the upper deck of the boat and the astronomer on board will use a light pointer and an intercom system to show guests all the different types of constellations, planets, giant red stats, nebula, star clusters. stars and even the different galaxies!

It says on their website which is meteorcrruise.com, that almost every cruise will have meteors crossing the sky.

It is truly a unique experience in our region. I know there are lots of New Jersey whale watching tours and booze cruises, but I’ve never heard of an astronomy cruise before this one!

If you are thinking of setting sail from Belmar and seeing all that the open sea has to offer, bookings can be made on their website, here!

It is written on the site’s homepage that the 2022 season is filling up very quickly, so if you are interested in taking part in this experience, you must reserve your place now.

This cruise departs from Belamar Marina in Belmar, NJ on weekend evenings between the months of May through September from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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