How Thor changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe


The first person reportedly approached was Daniel Craig, who had just starred in his second James Bond film, Quantum of comfort. It was because of his commitments to the already massive 007 franchise that Craig turned down the Asgardian hammer, though it’s hard to imagine the nail-biting Craig as the selfish (at least initially) the youngster. Odinson.

A long list of young and little-known actors tested for part, including Chris Hemsworth (who was just making his brief but stage-stealing appearance as James Kirk’s dad in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek), his brother Liam, the equally obscure Tom Hiddleston, Kevin McKidd of Grey’s Anatomy, Alexander Skarsgard (Godzilla vs. Kong), Charlie Hunnam (Sons of anarchy), Joel Kinnaman (The suicide squad), and others. But Chris Hemsworth ultimately took the win, with Hiddleston netting the gift of consolation that would continue to give, as Thor’s ugly adoptive brother, Loki.

“That was my starting point, was that you have a character with a predisposition to evil,” Hiddleston said of playing the trickster god, during a visit in 2010 with this reporter in Manhattan Beach. , in California. “A penchant for chaos and a pleasure in imbalance, and you combine that with the fierce intelligence he has and the ability of a chess master to manipulate events three or four stages before the game.”

Adding even more gravity to the production was the signing of legendary Anthony Hopkins to play Thor’s father, Odin, with Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Rene Russo as Thor’s mother Frigga, Colm Feore in the role of Laufey, King of the Frost Giants, Idris Elba as Heimdall and others. Also signed: Samuel L. Jackson for his third appearance as Nick Fury (in an end-credits bonus scene) and Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye, marking the live debut of the Bow-wielding Avenger and arrows.

Shooting on Thor began in mid-January 2010 and ended in early May, with filming taking place at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach, Calif. (Marvel’s studio in the early years of the MCU), Santa Fe, and other parts of New Mexico, as well as in the north of the country. California.

Colm Feore said Deadbolt that the Shakespearean training that he, Branagh and Hopkins all shared allowed them to communicate quickly with each other while shaping the characters and finding the right tone: “One of the things that’s been extremely helpful about Thor It was that during the breaks Tony, myself and Ken would talk in Shakespearean shorthand about what the characters were doing, what we thought they might be, and how we could focus our attention smarter.


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