How to Find and Use Spotify’s New “Only You” Feature

  • Spotify’s new “Only You” feature shows how unique your listening tastes are and gives you music astrology reading.
  • Only You compares your favorite artists and genres and shows you combinations of your listening habits that stand out from Spotify’s user base.
  • You can find Only You in Spotify’s iPhone and Android apps, along with a unique playlists hub.
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At the end of each year, Spotify comes out a personalized playlist called “Spotify Wrapped” which shows you what your favorite songs of the year were. It’s always a fun way to see how your tastes have changed and to rediscover songs you might have forgotten.

Occasionally, Spotify will offer similar custom functionality. This time, it is the “Only You” page which is revealed.

Only You compares all the songs and artists you have recorded and notes which ones are the most different from each other, and what combinations set you apart from other users. Spotify claims this was done by analyzing each user’s musical tastes and selecting which songs or artists you listen to together, but no one else does.

For example, if you listen to both heavy metal and classic baroque tracks, it might pop up.

You will also get a fake astrology reading and a page where you can find special playlists designed especially for you.

Here’s how to find and share your personalized Only You list.

How to find and use Spotify’s Only You feature

You can find Only You in either of Spotify’s smartphone apps for iPhone and Android. First of all, make sure the app is fully updated.

1. Open the Spotify app and sign in to your account if you haven’t already.

2. If you have never seen Only You before, it may appear automatically or on your Home tongue. Otherwise, press Search at the bottom of the screen.

3. Below the search bar, you should see a pop-up titled Find out how you listen. Touch this.

only spot you

Tap this image to start the Only You slideshow.

William Antonelli / Insider

4. Your Only You list will begin to play. Wait for each page to pass, or tap the right side of the screen to progress.

spotify only you 2

Each page will take about ten to twenty seconds to play.

William Antonelli / Insider

5. On the seventh page, you’ll be asked to plan your “Dream Dinner” – you can select three artists you like, and Spotify will make playlists of their most popular songs and songs from artists like them. Tap Add mixes to your library to save playlists.

6. When you are done, you will see all the pages of the Only You slideshow. Tap Share under any page, and you can send it to a friend or another app.

spotify only you 3

You can share your Only You pages using any social network or messaging app.

William Antonelli / Insider

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