How to find your share of fortune in astrology


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Finding out more about your zodiac sign has never been easier, and we have to thank TikTok for it. The social media platform is home to animated astrology quizzes, horoscope-themed cocktail concoctions, sign-related recipes, and fun personality videos that are so perfect – many of which are from astrology experts. And one of the most recent things we’ve seen is that people are wondering about their share (or fate) of fortune. So what exactly is your “pars fortunae” you ask? Let’s explain ourselves. On your birth chart, the fate of fortune is one area in which you have a natural ability or gift that has the potential for you to be successful.

How do you find your fortune?

There are plenty of websites you can use to find your share of the fortune, but we’ve found and be the simplest. Once you are on these sites, add your information (birthday, time and city), and once done, the site will calculate your results. You will then know in which sign is your share of fortune and to what degree is this sign. The degree will determine when certain planets can affect your fortune.

What can your fortune tell you?

Your fortune tells you where you can find fortune in your life. When activated, it is a sore spot that can indicate good fortune to come. Based on the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, this chart can help you see what qualities you already have that you can harness to be more successful in life.

Is your fortune correct?

As with anything astrology related, it is as specific as you want it to be. If you mine your fortune and focus on the areas in which you are going to be successful, there is no reason why you cannot! Using your fortune to see where you can be successful is not only fun, but it can also be thought-provoking. Take advantage of your fortune when looking for ways to inspire yourself and make the most of your abilities.


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