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NASA / ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope produced an exceptional image of the magnificent spiral galaxy NGC 4680.

This Hubble image shows the spiral galaxy NGC 4680. The color image was taken from separate exposures taken in the visible and infrared regions of the spectrum with the Hubble Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3). Four filters were used to sample different wavelengths. Color is the result of assigning different tints to each monochromatic image associated with an individual filter. Image credit: NASA / ESA / Hubble / Riess et al.

NGC 4680 is located approximately 98 million light years far away in the constellation Virgo.

The galaxy was discovered by English astronomer John Herschel on May 27, 1835.

Otherwise known as IRAS 12443-1121 or LEDA 43118, it has a diameter of 45,000 light years.

“NGC 4680 is actually quite a difficult galaxy to classify,” Hubble astronomers said.

“It is sometimes referred to as a spiral galaxy, but it is also sometimes classified as a lenticular galaxy. “

“Lenticular galaxies lie somewhere between spiral galaxies and elliptical galaxies,” they added.

“Although NGC 4680 has separate spiral arms, they are not clearly defined and the end of one arm appears to be very diffuse. “

“Galaxies are not static and their morphologies – and therefore their classifications – vary throughout their life. “

“Spiral galaxies are believed to evolve into elliptical galaxies, most likely merging with each other, causing them to lose their distinctive spiral structures. “

In 1997, a Type Ia supernova called SN 1997bp was observed in NGC 4680.

“NGC 4680 received a wave of attention in 1997 as it hosted SN 1997bp,” the researchers said.

“Surprisingly, the supernova was identified by an Australian amateur astronomer named Robert Evans, who identified 42 extraordinary supernova explosions.”

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