Indiana Jones Shared Universe Theory Explained

According to a number of IndianaJones According to fan theories, the adventurer’s exploits take place as part of a much larger shared universe that incorporates other film franchises. Over the course of his decades-spanning narrative, the IndianaJones The franchise featured a number of supernatural and sci-fi elements, including the direct demonstration of the power of God and the introduction of the existence of extraterrestrials. This, combined with an Easter egg or two that indicate the franchise overlaps with other cinematic worlds, has led many to believe that the IndianaJones the movies actually take place in a much larger shared universe.


While IndianaJones‘ general narrative focuses on supernatural elements of human history, there are rumors that Indiana Jones 5 will present a journey through time. After Crystal Skull Kingdomaliens, it would potentially see the franchise evolve even more towards a sci-fi tie-in with the supernatural. This in itself increases the possibility that IndianaJones takes place in a shared universe; in a world filled with aliens, time travel, and ancient religious curses, almost anything seems possible.

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At first glance, the shared universe theory may seem implausible and too easy to dismiss. Many do not like Indiana Jones’ apparent exploration of sci-fi elements, but they actually open the door to a much wider cinematic spectrum. And, although the theory seems far-fetched, there are actually key pieces of evidence that link the IndianaJones franchise to other cinematic universes.

Indiana Jones Star Wars Easter Egg Links George Lucas Franchises

Indiana Jones Star Wars Easter Egg

May be IndianaJones‘ the best-known link to another franchise comes from his very first film, with The Raiders of the Lost Ark containing a famous star wars Easter eggs. Footage of C-3PO and R2-D2 can be seen as Indy retrieves the Ark of the Covenant from the Well of Souls, which is a clear link between the two George Lucas franchises. However, it is not the only star wars Easter egg in Indiana Jones, as another hieroglyph can be seen that looks like Leia uploading the Death Star blueprints to R2-D2, and the Indy nightclub escapes into Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is called “Obi-Wan”.

Sure, these are probably nothing more than subtle nods to Lucas’ sci-fi franchise, but they’re especially interesting when viewed through the prism of in-universe theory. share. IndianaJonesuse of several star wars The Easter Eggs hint that characters from both franchises exist in the same universe, which has potentially huge implications. Easter eggs also serve as the backbone of the theory, as they are the most tangible link between IndianaJones and other franchisees.

ET and Star Wars are linked

By connecting with the star wars universe, IndianaJones also ties into other franchises. Another famous movie Easter egg that seemingly connects two otherwise unrelated franchises is the star wars/AND the extra-terrestrial connection, which sees the two ET-type aliens appear in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace and the titular alien recognizes Yoda in his own movie. This has led to long-running speculation about HEYthe link with the star wars universe, with many believing that ET himself is a Force user.

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Indiana Jones’ Aliens Means The ET Could Exist In The Franchise

Indiana Jones, UFO

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has many detractors, most criticizing the film’s use of aliens as part of its narrative. However, in doing so, the IndianaJones franchise strengthens its ties with both star wars and HEY, constituting a common ground between the three franchises. While the three may all be connected through their respective Easter Eggs, the existence of aliens has been a central plot point in each franchise, making it entirely possible that IndianaJones and HEY occur in the same cinematic universe.

Sure, IndianaJones“the extraterrestrials were one of the Crystal Skull KingdomThe biggest mistakes of, with many decrying the use of sci-fi elements as a betrayal of the franchise. However, seen from a different perspective, it is one of the greatest pieces of evidence that points to Indiana Jones’ shared universe. By introducing aliens, it makes it all the more plausible that IndianaJones could exist alongside characters from both AND the extra-terrestrial and star wars.

What the Indiana Jones Shared Universe Means for Star Wars

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Star Wars Easter Egg R2D2 C3PO

The idea of ​​multiple franchises existing in a larger universe is not without its problems. One of the most important is how the star wars the universe is incompatible with Indiana Jones- not least because of the uncanny resemblance between mischievous smuggler Han Solo and benefactor adventurer/archaeologist Indiana Jones. However, there is another way to IndianaJones‘ cannon interacts with star wars‘.

the The Raiders of the Lost Ark The easter egg indicates that at some point C-3PO and R2-D2 (or aliens who know them) may have visited Earth. This implies that the characters of star wars‘a galaxy far, far away has managed to travel to Earth across the vast expanse of space, something that has never been included in star wars cannon. This technological advancement actually reframes both narratives and has led to speculation that Indy may in fact be a descendant of Han Solo.

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Ways Indiana Jones Connects To Other Movies


A fan theory, posted on Reddit, links IndianaJones to something described as the “Spielbergverse”, positing that most of Steven Spielberg’s films are bound together by the regular use of aliens, advanced technology, and genetic modification as plot devices. There are other connections though: the MCU’s Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger talks about how Hitler “look for trinkets in the desert“, which is a possible link to both The Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusadewhich involve Nazis searching for supernatural relics in the desert.

However, the Spielbergverse theory is interesting because it connects IndianaJones not only for HEYbut to jurassic park, Jaws, Dating of the Third Kindand War of the Worlds. It might take a leap or two of logic, but in many ways it’s less wacky than some of the IndianaJones the franchise’s plot devices and other fan theories (e.g. speculation that Indiana Jones might be an angel). Much of the evidence that supposedly links these films is circumstantial, but entertaining nonetheless.

Will Indiana Jones 5 explore the shared universe?

Indiana Jones 5 Features Old Indiana Jones and Aged Indiana Jones

Amid rumors that Indiana Jones 5 will feature time travel, the idea that it could also explore a shared cinematic universe is more plausible than ever. However, making the shared universe canon would create so many potential plot holes and inconsistencies that it’s unlikely to happen, especially since it would reshape modern cinema virtually from the ground up. It is unlikely that the IndianaJones franchise will actively confirm and explore a shared cinematic universe, but it’s still an interesting theory.

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