Inery participates in the TMRW 2022 conference, Belgrade

BELGRADE, Serbia, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Inery, the first-ever decentralized database management and blockchain solution, recently announced its participation in Tomorrow [TMRW] Conference 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Aiming to address issues facing the database management industry, Inery’s participation in the just-concluded Belgrade conference comes as no surprise. Since its creation, Inery has been building database solutions while allowing a paradigm shift in the accessibility, use and storage of data.

TMRW 2022 Conference, Belgrade

Held over three days and with over 2,500 in-person attendees, 15,000 online attendees, 100 speakers and three VIP events, the TMRW 2022 conference is one of Europe’s largest crypto, NFT and metaverse summits. Aimed to demonstrate the huge potential of new disruptive technologies – blockchain, NFT, metaverse and crypto – the convention brought together some of the groundbreaking companies in the nascent space, including Inery.

As one of the keynote speakers, Dr. Naveen Singh, CEO of Inery, highlighted the growth of database management in the Web3 space.

Inery database management solution

The CEO further mentioned the existing problems and how the unprecedented market growth has not magically dispelled these problems. Citing the ability of Ethereum and Avax to verify, execute smart contracts seamlessly, and provide faster transaction throughput at lower cost, respectively, as examples, Dr. Singh unequivocally described the Inery’s layer 0 blockchain as being expressly designed to provide database management.

Inery has closely followed database management service providers and blockchain projects. With this analysis, the decentralized database solution platform adopted a few solutions that worked in the traditional space. At a deeper level, Inery has integrated new fundamentals: micro and metadata.

By leveraging microdata and metadata, Inery has taken a small but essential leap forward in scalability in handling colossal amounts of data.

Inery pushes existing boundaries by moving from decentralized storage systems to a full-fledged database management service suitable for functions such as CRUD (create, read, update and delete) and complex capabilities.

“We believe that by embracing the best of the conventional and decentralized worlds, IneryDB opens the doors to web3,” said Dr. Singh.

Features of Inery

Aimed to facilitate real-world use cases to secure and empower emerging industries, Inery provides a data infrastructure that can be seamlessly converted into a readable computer format.

With a throughput of over seven thousand TPS [transactions per second]Inery offers unparalleled speed and cross-protocol cross-chain communication without compromising security.

Unlike centralized or traditional data storage systems, Inery enables the development and subsequent deployment of decentralized applications [DApps]database management where data is continuously converted into a readable format, an interface to build and deploy applications, and a backup solution to help businesses protect their data.

Inery is about to make a foray into the world of NFTs and the metaverse.

“As the metaverse trend becomes more prevalent, several platforms have sprung up to bring new innovations. have also transformed the Metaverse into a series of isolated virtual spaces. Several individual platforms are misinterpreted as the Metaverse with this current design framework, creating a disconnect for users who wish to harness the potential of the Metaverse at its full capacity.

Inery provides a potential cross-chain solution for users to interact with their data assets across the metaverse domain. This shifts the metaverse from a platform-specific space to an open ecosystem for mass participation and benefits,” Dr. Singh, CEO of Inery.

About Inery

Inery is the very first layer 0 blockchain offering the decentralized database management solution with the vision to enable a new paradigm for data. Inery is designed to enable cross-chain data communication, greater speed and better security. It specifically deals with database management integrated with blockchain functionality and distributed database management properties.

The Inery Database Management Solution (IneryDB) provides a secure, low-cost, and immutable means for database management where control of private information remains in the hands of users and businesses. It lays the foundation for the future of Web3 to enable value creation by seamlessly connecting to other Layer 1 systems, applications and networks

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