KGF actor Yash ‘will become a universal star like Shah Rukh Khan, enter politics after a decade’: astrologer predicts!

Yash will become a universal star like Shah Rukh Khan, will even enter politics: predicts an astrologer (Photo credit: Instagram)

He is one of the highest paid Kannada actors and gained pan-Indian recognition after the release of KGF Chapters 1 and 2. Naveen Kumar Gowda, better known as Yash, is married to actress Radhika Pandit and has two children. It no longer stays just in the South but is now causing a sensation all over the world. But what does its future look like? Scroll below for some exclusive astrological predictions!

We consulted Pandit Jagannath Guruji, a famous astrologer based in Bengaluru, who has correctly predicted the future of many celebrity couples, the gender of their children, IPL results, political predictions, among other topics. He now shares what he sees in the KGF star’s career path and personal life.

According to Panditji’s astrological readings, Yash, who began his career with television roles before making his film debut with Moggina Manasu in 2008, will be what Shah Rukh Khan is to us today. “I can compare Yash’s future to that of Shah Rukh Khan. He is very energetic, honest and very positive. He will become a universal star. In the coming years, he plans to start his own production house,” said Guruji said.

Another major prediction made by Panditji is that the star will also shine in politics! “After ten years, he will also enter politics. His career chart indicates that after movies, he will go into politics. He will be a philanthropist. He will have more fresh ideas on the table as a politician. Yash indeed has a bright future. He will do just as well as a businessman. Out of passion, he will be the actor he is. He will be among the top stars in India and have a glorious future,” said Pandit Jagannath Guruji.

As for his family, Panditji is confident that they will age gracefully over the years.

“His family life will also be very good in the future.” He will be able to devote enough time to his family while maintaining a good work-life balance. His understanding of his wife is good because she too works in the film industry, which is very beneficial for Yash. There may be some confusion, but there is no need to worry. Nothing will change their camaraderie,” he added.

Well, the future looks really bright and all we can hope for is that our rocking star keeps rising and shining bright!

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