Kylie Jenner’s Son Was Born On 2/2/22: What The Angel Number Means

ICYMI, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott recently confirmed they welcomed their second child together.

The baby, a boy, was born on 2/2/22, which in addition to looking and sounding like a really cool date is also significant in astrology, corresponding to an angelic number (as pointed out E! News).

To shed some light on what exactly an angel number is and what this auspicious birthday could mean for the youngest Kardashian-Jenner, Marie Claire spoke to Inbaal Honigman, a celebrity psychic, spiritual mentor and astrologer.

“For spirituality seekers, lightworkers, and the angel community as a whole, observing number coincidences and synchronicities is always a pleasure,” says Honigman. “Our lives are surrounded by numerical numbers now, and so we’re very likely to glance at a special number like 3:15 in the microwave, rejoice when our car’s odometer jumps to 123456, and jump of joy seeing the phone flashing at 33% battery, every reason to believe that good things are happening, because all coincidences make sense.

“While the previous generation loved to find a feather as a sign that angels are near, and the previous generation looked skyward at magpies or cloud formations to symbolize good fortune, we now have the privilege of being in constant touch with numbers, so we can enjoy a constant stream of angelic numbers.

“When we see numbers repeating themselves in unison, like 333 on a license plate or 5555 in an address, it tells us that angels are near and that we are blessed. It’s a quick message from the universe that we are on the right path or that we have made the right decision.”

So what does this all mean for Stormi Webster’s little brother?

“Especially after the past two difficult years, the spiritual community has been waiting for 2/2/22 – an angelic date is rare and very auspicious,” says Honigman. “Having Kylie’s baby on this date is a great start to her little life and promises big things.

“He will be lucky in love, since the number 2 represents relationships. His date has four!

“He will also be very spiritual and possibly psychic – there are 22 major arcana cards in the Tarot and 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet which is widely used in spiritual writings. His date has two of the number 22!”

What is certain is that “Angel” is a theme here—E! News also reports that fans are convinced the baby boy is called Angel because there are so many references to the word in the comments on Jenner’s announcement post. I’ll be looking forward to the Kylie Cosmetics founder officially letting us carry her son’s nickname.

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