Lizzo Learns Her “True” Zodiac Sign: “No Shadows, Ewww!”

Lizzo’s longtime lovers are likely aware of the Special the singer’s affinity for astrology, but it turns out even she wasn’t aware of her actual sign. She was informed during her appearance on vanity lounge, during which she answered questions about her best performances and how her former classmates reacted to watching her become a star. When the interviewer informed her of her “true” zodiac sign, however, she was less than enthusiastic to find out that she was not a Taurus, as she had always believed.

“I really like being a Taurus,” she said, in response to the question, “What do you think your new zodiac sign would be?” “I think I could accept being a Pisces. I think I could accept being a Libra, for sure… Why? Don’t fuck with me today!

After learning that she is (supposedly) actually an Aries, however, she looks visibly appalled at the revelation. “Bitch, no,” she exclaims, gritting her teeth. “I am not an Aries. I’m not fucking Aries… I’m not going to say it’s my least favorite sign, but it’s the least likely I want to be – high-key. No shade. All teas. An Aries? No shade, ewww! I don’t like Aries men! Sorry to all those Aries guys I guess.

You can watch Lizzo’s full lie detector test above.

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