Love Is Blind’s Deepti Says “Thank You Universe” She Didn’t Marry Shake

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Love Is Blind. Read at your own risk!]

It was three or four days before the wedding day when Deepti Vempati found out she wasn’t going to marry Abishek “Shake” Chatterjee. The couple got engaged in one of the bands Love is blind Season 2, and were on a massage date before the show’s final part: deciding whether or not to get married. “We did this eye-to-eye thing and honestly, I was just like, this is bullshit–” Deepti told TV Guide ahead of the finale’s release. She wondered why she was trying to prove to her fiancé that she was “wife material”. “If you don’t see it now, then you don’t see it. So I think at that time I was like, I just have to move on,” the 31 data analyst said. years.

Part of Shake not being able to ‘see’ a marriage with Deepti was due to the 33-year-old vet and DJ’s reported inability to feel – in his words – an ‘animalistic’ and ‘instinctual’ physical attraction to she. Shake has brought up this issue several times in his interviews and has repeatedly compared spending time with Deepti to spending time with his aunt.

In the final of Love is blind, Deepti moves on. When asked at the altar if she would agree to take Shake as her husband, Deepti replied, “I deserve someone who knows for sure. So I choose myself and I’m going to say no.”

Deepti spoke to TV Guide about her decision and how she felt about it in the months following filming. The actor also explained why it was important to incorporate Indian culture into his experience on Love is blind.

Love is blind Season 2


How does it feel to watch the show back?
Deep: Lots of mixed emotions, especially the first set of episodes aired. Shake, we talked about how physical intimacy was an issue in our relationship and we kinda missed that chemistry. But the way he approached it and told the other actors and his friends about it was very upsetting to look back on. Even though he’s just my best friend, which is kind of what we used to be, you don’t usually talk about people like that. It was kind of hurtful and hard to look back on. But I’m just excited for the finale because it finally gives me my moment of redemption to stand up for myself and say I don’t accept someone who doesn’t see me fully. And if you don’t see my value, I’m not going to sit here and try to convince you.

In some of his comments that have aired, one thing that keeps coming up is how he feels like he’s spending time with his aunt when he’s with you. What do you think ?
Deep: The way he talks about it is so nonchalant. It’s almost like, oh look at me, I’m a cool guy trying to be funny about it, but it’s at the expense, supposedly, of your best friend and your fiancé. He just doesn’t have the self-awareness to know that what he’s saying is inappropriate, it’s hurtful, and it’s just not nice. I hope he learns that lesson by looking back, but honestly, I don’t think he will. And that’s not my problem anymore. [laughs]

When did you know you were going to say no at the altar?
Deep: Shake actually scheduled a date with a massage for us and we did this eye-to-eye thing and honestly, I was like, this is bullshit–. Why are we sitting here trying to force something that’s not even there? Why am I constantly trying to secure and prove to someone that I’m a wife or that this could be a good relationship or that it’s going to work out? I shouldn’t have to do this. If you don’t see it now, then you don’t see it. So I think at that point, I was like, I just have to move on.

Was this massage date planned to strengthen your connection?
Deep: Yes exactly. Because it’s a little more intimate and puts you in that romantic mood. It was all very special and sweet, but he felt so forced by him that it didn’t seem authentic.

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In the finale, you said, “I deserve someone who knows for sure. So, I choose myself, and I’m going to say no.” How did you feel about your decision in the months following filming?
Deep: I am delighted with my decision. Once filming was done, I honestly started seeing more of Shake’s true colors. And I could feel he was playing a role for the show, [for] whatever, for the sake of me? I do not know. But once we got back into the real world, and I started hanging out with him every once in a while, or seeing him interacting with people, or seeing how he was on social media, I was like, there is a God. Thank the universe, whatever forces are working with me, I did not marry this man. I am truly beyond the moon that I don’t have.

love is blind season 2

Love is blind Season 2


Throughout the season, you share different parts of Indian culture. For example, you said you always picture yourself getting married in traditional Indian attire and that’s what you wear on the wedding day in the finale. Why was it important for you to incorporate Indian customs and traditions into this experience?
Deepti: All my life I tried not to be Indian because I wanted to fit in and I was bullied so much as a kid and I just wanted to not be unique, basically. But as I grow up, I realize what a blessing it is to have that uniqueness. And I will by no means say that I am the star child of the Indian community or India in general, but I love the different aspects of the culture. It’s so rich and meaningful and deep, and not to mention the wedding dresses are absolutely stunning.

My parents are quite religious [they are Hindu, Deepti said] and they have always kept this Indian culture alive in our house, and I know that means a lot to them too.

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Are you looking for love right now? If yes, what are you looking for?
Deepti: I’m just looking for my best friend, someone to have fun with. But of course I’m definitely looking because I’m 31 now and age doesn’t matter, but I just think it’s the time in my life when I’m ready for that next chapter. That’s why I did Love is blind in the first place.

Love is blind Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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