Mark Hamill Teases Skeletor’s Return in Masters of the Universe Revelation Season 2

Mark Hamill is apparently teasing that he’s back as Skeletor in Masters Of the Universe: Revelation season 2 – although season 2 has yet to be confirmed.

Mark Hamill Apparently Teases His Return As Skeletor In The Not Yet Announced Masters of the Universe: Revelation season 2. Kevin Smith in 2021 brought the world of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to Netflix with its animated take on the 80s toy line and cartoon. Reviews were mostly positive about Smith He-Man show, which currently holds a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Of course, whenever we tackle the world of masters of the universe, a key part of the project is its depiction of Skeletor, Musclor’s nemesis. For Revelation, Smith was lucky enough to have legendary voice actor Hamill take on the villainous character with a skull for a head. Indeed, Hamill’s portrayal of Skeletor joins his voice work as the Joker in the Batman animated universe as the actor builds his reputation as a creator of great cartoon villains (a pretty interesting development considering his initial fame as the heroic Luke Skywalker).

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Unfortunately for Smith’s fans Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Netflix has yet to confirm that Season 2 is on the way. But it seems that confirmation is not necessary because Hamill seems to have done the job for Netflix in a recent Twitter post. According to the actor, he is currently working hard to reprise his role as Skeletor, a job he jokes about will require him to rest his voice immediately afterwards. See Hamill’s tweet in the space below:

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It may be true that Netflix has yet to officially announce the arrival of Masters of the Universe: Revelation season 2. But that naturally hasn’t stopped series creator Smith from being open about his plans for a second season when/if it finally arrives. Recently, Smith fueled the hype for Season 2 by teasing some masters of the universe characters who might appear after being cut out of Season 1.

Now, it seems fans know that Skeletor will be back in the fold in Season 2, which should come as no surprise given this character’s pivotal role in the He-Man universe. Of course, it’s also possible that Hamill will record part of Skeletor’s vocals for a project other than Masters of the Universe: Revelation and it’s all a false alarm. Either way, it looks like some clarification is needed from either Smith or Netflix (more likely Smith, given his social media chatter). Obviously fans of Masters of the Universe: Revelation season 1 is hoping Hamill does indeed lay down vocal leads for a second season of the show, and just let the cat out of the bag a little prematurely. It remains to be seen how it all pans out in the end, but either way, it looks like fans of Hamill’s take on Skeletor will get more of what they love.

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Source: Mark Hamill/Twitter

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