Message of the day (June 8)

Message of the day – By Renooji



The splendor of our chakras.
The good karma that we have created and accumulated through good deeds in the body helps to purify the subtle channels of all of our systems.

Empowered, compassionate, and with the blessings of the discourse of the ascended masters, everything manifests in our world through thought. The myriad colors spring from the heart of light and give strength to overcome obstacles that may have remained strong in the river of our karma. It is the light of grace that changes everything. It is the manifestation of the radiance that gently brings us to inner realization. Compassion is overwhelming when connected to the light and to the recipient. See the shimmering light springing from your heart, spreading healing from the portals, directly channeling the creative healing process of all. Advanced in meditation and grace, the body continues with spiritual awareness to overcome obstacles and obstacles. Fill the body, mind, soul and spirit with the light of love. Opening to the light of realization, the primordial purity of the soul radiates out to you and all. Hugs of happiness for your body, your speech and your mind. Love of the Divine Direct.

Crown, heart, hands.

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