Message of the day (September 29)


Message of the day – By Renooji


Escape from war!

Let’s explore our connection to our breath and our arrival on planet Earth. The natural process of our union with this world and our consciousness that has helped us align with the healing realms of this life. All the trials and tribulations and the implications and resolutions that have caused us to heal ourselves daily. The appropriate time, our lifespan and our entire life from birth to death and even beyond, healing and healing. This is such a precious opportunity, what it really means to be born a human being and, on top of that, to be connected to the healing of oneself and others. So today, let’s think more and heal more to understand the most important and truly essential aspect of this human life, what we have to do with this gift of human life, wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, liberation and finally enlightenment all bringing us home to the Divine Heart. Fruitful seed healing hugs. The love of flowering and fruiting trees.

The action I can take.

Take an onion from the kitchen and store it on your nightstand in a metal dish or katori for 21 days. Then leave the onion under a tree. Thanking him for healing you.

It heals our lungs and our third eye chakra, helping us to synchronize our breathing with our positive thinking.


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