Meta staff denounced Facebook owner’s ‘cheesy’ shared office plans, report says

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  • Meta told staff he planned to roll out a “new work experience”, The Independent reported.

  • Workers should share desks and reserve them in advance as part of a shared desk trial.

  • Some criticized the “cheesy” plans and accused the managers of being “dishonest” in the way they framed it.

Meta employees have slammed the company’s plan to introduce hot desking to its offices, The Independent reported.

The Facebook and Instagram owner said he would test a “new work experience” that would require staff to book desks before arriving at the office, according to the report.

Meta employees objected to the shared office plans on its internal social network, according to the report, with one calling them “cheesy.” Other staff said it was “dishonest” to present the plan as a “new experiment”.

Shared office is used by many large companies to save on office space and costs, but means most workers don’t have a permanent workstation.

“Can we just cut the *** bulls and call it cost cutting,” a Meta employee wrote, The Independent reported. “No one is buying this new c*** experience.” Others said the ad appeared to treat staff like children.

Some staff said they would come to the office less often as they would have to book a desk and set it up, according to the report. One said the planned move showed management had a “complete and utter disconnect from reality”.

“I swear to God, taking something that works, replacing it with a horrible alternative that doesn’t, and forcing everyone to move out, is such a Meta thing,” another employee wrote, according to the report.

Other Meta employees pointed to other companies’ use of hot desking and that it could be manageable once implemented, The Independent reported.

Meta has already taken steps this year to reduce costs. He told staff in May that it was delay hiring due to “slower than expected revenue growth”.

Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, then told staff in July it would “increase the pressure” on performance targets to downsize and get rid of underperforming staff.

Meta did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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