MG India launches MGverse, a car-based virtual universe

The South Asian company, MG India, is again in the trend after announcing the development of a universe self-linked to the virtual universe, whose project is called MGverse. Previously, the Indian company launched an NFT collection tradable in its local currency; following this success, he decided to venture deeper into the industry.

According to local media, MGverse will be a special virtual universe for MG car enthusiasts and fans of the new program. It is a project that will present 5 unique schemes that promise to change the user experience with cryptocurrencies and new participants in the Metaverse.

MG India manager announces his arrival in the Metaverse

Recently, Gupta Gaurav, commercial director of the automaker, recognized that the technology is advancing rapidly and intends to accompany it. MGverse is a virtual universe based on the automotive industry. The work of MG India will continue as more people become involved in this project, which has a future at the mercy of Gupta.

Gupta says this project will improve the link between Gen Alpha and GenZ. Hard work awaits the entire repertoire of the automotive company because with more than 3 years of progress in the Metaverse, people have become more and more demanding.

MGverse project: how will it work?


There are many doubts about the MGverse project in India, but the head of MG India understands that it will be a new program. The website will be available to its large customer base, Metaverse enthusiasts and new fans of the industry. Each participant will have access to an avatar allowing him to interact with the other people involved in the project.

MGverse will be split into five unique schemes as it would be the hub for developers and browsers to customize big name games, such as NFS. In this section, the avatar will be free to improve their vehicles with stickers, colors and wheels. Similarly, a section will allow fans to discuss with the MG team and thus have more information on the cars offered by the company.

The Metaverse will also have a virtual auction site where MG India coins or other important NFTs can be sold. If fans want to learn more about automotive history, they can head to the MGCC in the Metaverse.

What will highlight the virtual universe offered by MG India is that it will be open to computers and mobile phones without any problem. The company will also be looking to include VR-based headsets to make the fan experience unique.

According to reports, this whole project could be executed during the holiday season, but the company does not give an exact date. MG India is expected to talk more about its Virtual Universe prospectus, and soon it can be enjoyed.

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