Mumbai wife pays Rs 59 lakh to her ex-lover, astrologer to take control of her husband, gets tricked

A woman was allegedly tricked out of cash, valuables and gold jewelry worth Rs 59 lakh by her ex-lover and an astrologer. The woman had met the astrologer on Instagram who promised to help her gain “full control” over her husband.

Bombay,UPDATED: Nov 15, 2022 1:09 p.m. IST

The woman was duped out of Rs 59 lakh. (Photo: Representational)

By Dev Kotak: Powai Police Station has filed a case against an astrologer and a woman’s ex-boyfriend for allegedly cheating her out of money, valuables and gold jewelery worth Rs 59 lakh.

The 38-year-old is believed to have met the fugitive accused astrologer on the social media app Instagram, where he promised to help her gain ‘full control’ over her husband.


The affair came to light when the woman’s husband, who is a businessman, found Rs 35 lakh missing from his closet. He had kept the money to give the Diwali bonus to his employees.

He filed a lawsuit against his wife’s ex-boyfriend and an astrologer after discovering the money was missing.

According to the complaint, the astrologer and the wife’s ex-lover together took gold worth Rs 24 lakh and silver worth Rs 35 lakh from the wife of the businessman by convincing her to submit her husband in the name of “black magic”.

Powai Police have filed an FIR against Badal Sharma (astrologer) and Paresh Gada (ex-boyfriend) for cheating and treason.

Almost 13 years ago, the businessman’s wife had an affair with Paresh. The couple also used to quarrel after the businessman found out about his wife’s affair.

Police are looking for the two defendants, who cheated on the woman between October 13 and 18 and fled after extorting money.

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