NASA celebrates Labor Day with a twinkling star cluster, have you seen a striking photo of the universe?

Image source: INSTAGRAM/NASA Photo of a star cluster

NASA is celebrating Labor Day in the most unique way possible. The space agency took to social media to thank everyone who contributed to the many discoveries it has been credited with. To mark the day, NASA released a photo of a cluster of twinkling stars across the universe and the photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope was worth a million stars.

“On this Labor Day, we thank all those who help us unfold the universe and expand our knowledge for the benefit of humanity. We salute the trailblazers, star sailors, thinkers, visionaries, doers. We we stand on the shoulders of giants – to reach further than humanity has ever been.⁣⁣ Our mission is about sustainable science and advancing the human spirit – to expand what is possible and our collective understanding .⁣⁣ Exploration is a team effort, and we’re going at it together. #WeAreNASA.⁣,” the post read.

Along with that, the caption also shared details about the photo. “A Hubble Space Telescope image of a cluster of twinkling stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The stars are of varying temperatures, distances and sizes, with some points of light appearing larger than others. The stars constitute entire image but are more focused in the center,” the post added.

“Unbelievable”. “Is it real?” “I can’t believe it could be this beautiful.” were some of the many comments on the post.

Meanwhile, the US space agency recently made headlines after it decided not to attempt the launch of the Artemis I Moon mission in early September as teams considered options after two failed attempts.

After aborting the second Artemis I launch attempt on Saturday when engineers were unable to overcome a hydrogen leak in a quick disconnect – an interface between the liquid hydrogen supply line and the Space Launch System rocket (SLS) – mission leaders met and decided to forgo further launch attempts in early September.

NASA on August 30 canceled the launch of the mission for the first time due to a technical problem with one of the SLS rocket engines.

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