New movie from the directors of Endgame sets up an MCU-style shared universe

Exclusive: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo say their new Netflix movie The Gray Man sets up an MCU-style narrative shared universe.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo say their latest film, gray man, sets up an MCU-style shared universe. The gray man is based on the novel by Mark Greaney and stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick, Regé-Jean Page, Alfre Woodard and Billy Bob Thornton in a global spy action thriller set to debut exclusively on Netflix. The Russo Brothers. the last feature project was Cherryanother novel adaptation featuring Spider-Man: No Coming Homeby Tom Holland, debuting on another streaming service, Apple TV+.

Before heading into the world of streaming for their current projects, the Russo Brothers helped steer the MCU to massive success alongside Kevin Feige and other Marvel filmmakers, leading to a worldwide haul of 2.7 billion. dollars for Avengers: Endgame. From 2008 Iron Man, building the MCU narrative universe led to the culmination of 10 years of storytelling in Avengers: Endgame, which followed a linear structure from film to film and capitalized on the post-credits sting that has now become commonplace in comic book movies. The MCU has since continued to evolve, branching out into shows and miniseries on Disney+, continuing the trend while setting a standard that other studios and streamers have attempted to emulate with varying degrees of success.


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Working in the MCU environment apparently informed the Russo Brothers of their future plans, including The gray man, which is influenced by their work in terms of building a narrative universe. While speaking exclusively to Screen Rantthe directors unveiled their approach to making The gray man was with a narrative universe in mind, with a variety of movies or even potential spin-off shows also a possibility. Here is Anthony Russo’s quote on how The gray man was developed in this aspect:

We certainly think so. We formed [our] AGBO, with our partners Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely who wrote all of our Marvel movies, so we like to think about story universes. It’s in our DNA now from our work at Marvel. So most of the things we do here are considered story universe. Admittedly, this is how we approach The Gray Man. We have many iterations of this narrative in our minds and it can have a variety of expressions, whether in movies or series.

the russo brothers creating the gray man mcu style universe

The gray man is part of a sprawling series of books that currently number up to twelve, giving The Russo Brothers. a lot of things to work on in terms of building narrative universes. Not only does this provide filmmakers with a wealth of content to work with, but it also gives star Ryan Gosling his first major franchise role if that’s anything to go on, as he plays the titular character, The Gray Man aka Court. Gentry. It also opens up the possibility for spin-off characters to get their own movies or shows, depending on whether or not they survive the first movie.

With Hollywood, especially streaming services, buying up as many new series as possible to develop into movies or series, it’s no surprise that the Russo Brothers. would like to build a narrative series from The gray manthe long bibliography. Prime Video has had great success with its own attempts to adapt one author’s book series into a show or movie, including Jack Carr’s James Reece books (with The list of terminals), Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books (in the Reach series), and the Jack Ryan series, which reimagines the main protagonist of Tom Clancy in a new series of adventures. With audiences tuning in to these action-thriller games regularly, there’s no end in sight for more adaptations to follow, including more The gray man if the film is a success.

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  • The Gray Man (2022)Release date: July 15, 2022

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