Ninja reveals astronomical sum he won with Fortnite creator code


At one point, during the cultural peak of Fortnite, Ninja was on top of the world. Not only was he the most popular streamer in the world, but also one of the most popular people in the world, broadcasting with Drake, appearing in Super Bowl commercials, and more. He was everywhere. In 2021, that has changed a bit. Ninja is no longer the most popular streamer in the world, but he is still among the best Twitch streamers and has recently returned to Fortnite after a break away from the free Battle Royale game.

During this comeback, Ninja previewed the astronomical amount he was making at one point, revealing that he made $ 5 million a month just with Fortnite Creator code. As Ninja points out, he made so much money during this time that he can probably buy your family tree.

“I think the maximum I ever achieved in a month with the creator’s code was around five million,” Ninja said while playing Fortnite in streaming. “I’m not kidding. You know, he’s a funny man. I actually talked shit to someone the other day during my stream who was just roasting my League of Legends match, and I told him I could buy his family tree. It was hilarious. “

We don’t know how much Fortnite Players had to use Ninja’s creator code for Ninja to earn $ 5 million, but that had to be a lot, as creators only get five percent of the purchase made when their code is redeemed.

As for Ninja’s total net worth, no one knows. Estimates suggest it’s around $ 25 million, but it feels light if the streamer was pulling that kind of dough just on their creator code.

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