Pfizer vaccine results for children may not lead to rapid vaccinations, and housing demand remains strong


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“I strongly believe in science, but I would always like to wait”: Pfizer vaccine results for children may not lead to rapid vaccinations

Their COVID-19 vaccine was safe and effective for children ages 5 to 11, Pfizer and BioNTech said. Read more

The United States welcomes international tourists again – and it could complicate your vacation travel plans

The return of travelers from Europe later this fall could mean longer queues at airports and higher prices for some destinations. Read more

Former Ebony CEO reportedly pocketed money raised for marijuana companies to keep magazine afloat: SEC

Willard Jackson lost control of Ebony magazine last year after lenders worried about his fundraising efforts and partnerships. Read more

This Californian teenager interviewed John Paulson, Howard Marks and other finance heavyweights for his podcast

Logan Lin, a 17-year-old high school student, talks to billionaire investors and business leaders for his FinanZe program. Read more

I have always worked for what I have, but married in the money. My in-laws want to buy us a house and a luxury car – the fighting is endless

“I am very proud of where I am. I have my car, I pay my rent, and I have a well-paying job in the financial world. Read more

Join MarketWatch for our Mastering Your Money event on September 28-29

Reporters from MarketWatch and Barron’s will join a live video town hall to answer your questions about saving, investing and spending. Read more

Homebuilder confidence improves as housing demand remains strong

The construction industry is showing signs of stability, despite persistent challenges regarding the supply of building materials and labor. Read more

Canoo dig? The startup’s EV looks like a cross between a city bus and a space capsule

The designers of this company fully embraced the idea that an electric truck does not need to look like a gasoline truck. Read more

Beware of procrastinators: backlog for US passports is at least 4 months

The US State Department warns of massive delays in turnaround times for both the issuance of new passports and renewals. Read more

Car sales slow, but prices hit record highs, yet again

For the fifth consecutive month of record auto prices, the average price of a new vehicle is now almost 10% higher than a year ago. Read more


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