Professor X’s Son Almost Ended The Ultimate Universe Forever

When Professor X came to blows with his son in the Ultimate Universe, fans got a glimpse of what could have meant a very early end to Ultimate Earth.

the Ultimate Universe breathed new life into a wide array of Marvel Comics characters, but a battle between the x-men and Professor Xson of, Legionalmost ended this continuity prematurely.

Like his Earth-616 counterpart, David has incredible limitless power, but unlike David Haller, David Xavier has had little time to show off his power. In the World Tour arc of Ultimate X-Men by Mark Millar and a variety of artists, the X-Men are heading to the UK Shortly after, a mysterious and powerful mutant began wreaking havoc across the UK, using telekinetic powers to cause explosions and telekinesis to jump from body to body. Xavier revealed that the mutant was his son who was awakened by Charles’ presence. Leaving a trail of bodies, David found his way to the X-Men, coming to a clash in Scotland where he took over Wolverine. Logan provided a body that could withstand the decay his presence unleashed on others.


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However, a careless mistake would prove fatal for David. With Wolverine’s body, David immediately took off only to get run over by a running back. Doubting that Logan could withstand the blow and its destructive telepathic presence, he leapt from the bodies again, eventually heading for the body of the telepathic mutant Betsy Braddock. David lured the X-Men to Berlin, where he took off with Charles in a final wave of destruction before meeting a gruesome and swift end at the hands of Colossus. David, or Proteus as he was briefly called, displayed impressive and exponentially growing power, but failed to capitalize on his big moment in the perfect mutant body.

When Proteus gained greater control of himself inside Betsy Braddock, his power levels were off the charts. Combined with Betsy’s own telepathic resistance, David was able to fend off his father’s mind control attempts, retaliating by kidnapping Xavier. In the brief time he captured Charles, he began bending reality to teleport around the planet, taking them to major cities the X-Men had visited and blowing up stadiums and monuments, killing thousands of people each time. In the blink of an eye, Proteus killed tens of thousands while Charles could do nothing but watch. Right before that, he also took out half of the X-Men, defeating Blood Beast, running over Logan in a car, and putting Iceman in the intensive care unit.

Within minutes, David has taken down half the X-Men, kidnapped one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, learned to teleport, and blown up thousands of people. The power he displayed and developed in that brief span of time is proof enough that he had an incredible power ceiling. But when he possessed Braddock, his powers were greatly enhanced. Thanks to Betsy’s telepathic abilities, David was able to fend off all mental assaults and combine them with his own powers to become nearly invincible. He was even looking to slow down the decay process, which means he could have eventually found a permanent host. Proteus’ wrath combined with his ever-expanding power set could have led to a devastating and swift end to the species he believed had wronged him. If it hadn’t been for a surprise attack from Colossus running him over with a car, it’s unclear how much destruction he could have inflicted.

While David’s Earth-616 counterpart had a long and complicated history with his father, being a great enemy and even becoming an X-Man for a time, Proteus met a quick and violent end after causing total destruction. about the X-Men and humanity. If it weren’t for the brute strength of Colossus that caught him off guard, Legion probably would have ended Charles Xavierthe x-menand the Ultimate Universe in the wrong way.

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