Revolut uses Bitcoin to pay for its offices


Revolut, the company looking to build a super financial app, used bitcoin to pay for its largest office space in Dallas, Texas, to flexible workspace provider WeWork.

While there have been many times where the traditional use of bitcoin has been pushed repeatedly by several members of the crypto ecosystem, it is indeed a big surprise that Revolut has taken the lead in this aspect. Revolut has been a big supporter of the crypto industry lately and the introduction of crypto trading on its platform last year has helped it increase its income and this improvement in trading volumes. and income from crypto trading is expected to increase in the future as well.

So, by paying for his office space in bitcoin, he probably wants to send a message that his adoption of crypto is expected to continue for much longer and also that crypto can be used for mainstream purposes as well. WeWork also said it was the first corporate client to pay them via bitcoin. The fact that this transaction took place between 2 big companies located in 2 big economies of UK and US should be a general boost for the crypto industry.

Revolut has offices with WeWork in Berlin, Dallas, Melbourne, Moscow, Singapore and New York and the company said it will continue to expand in the rest of the United States over the next few months in hopes of boosting the market. growth and expansion in adoption of its super app continues to improve among users.

“Flexibility is essential for growing businesses, and by supporting cryptocurrency transactions, we can provide choice and convenience while supporting Revolut’s innovative business,” said Nick Giraudeau, Global Head of Service Sales financials at WeWork.

Revolut’s expansion continues as part of its billion dollar fundraising plan to continue its efforts to become a financial superapplication that would be used across many industries. It also plans to use the newly raised funds to make acquisitions, as it aims to leave its mark in as many industries as possible so it can attract more users in the future. In this race to become a super app, it is likely to rival Robinhood as competition in the financial services industry intensifies.


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