Rob Brezsny Astrology: August 4-10


Free Will Astrology for the Week of August 4

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Filmmaker Federico Fellini had an unexpected definition of happiness. He said it was “to be able to speak the truth without hurting anyone”. I suspect that you will have abundant access to this kind of happiness in the weeks to come, Aries. I will go even further: you will have additional power to speak the truth in order to heal and uplift people. My advice to you, therefore, is to celebrate and indulge your ability. Be bold in expressing the fullness of what interests you.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): “Watch what pleases you for a long time, and even longer what hurts you,” writes novelist Colette. What?! Was she making a kinky joke? This is bad advice, and I hope you only adopt it on rare occasions. In fact, the exact opposite is the healthy lifestyle, especially for you in the coming weeks. Look what hurts you, yes. Do not lose sight of your problems and your injuries. But please, for the sake of your dreams, for the benefit of your spiritual and psychological health, look longer at what pleases you, energizes you and inspires you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): If you deepen your affection for butterflies and hummingbirds, I will love it. If you decide you want the dragonfly, bumblebee, or lark to be your spirit creature, I will approve. You almost always benefit from cultivating relationships with quick, nimble, and lively influences, and that’s especially true these days. So give yourself full permission to experience the super power of playful curiosity. You’re more likely to thrive when you’re on the hunt for tangy ripples and catchy rhythms.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Life shows you truths about what you are not, what you don’t need, and what you shouldn’t be looking for. This is a good omen, even if it may at first seem overwhelming. I urge you to welcome these revelations with gratitude. They will help you familiarize yourself with the nuances of what it means to be radically authentic. They will strengthen your confidence in the correctness of the path you have chosen for yourself. I hope they can even show you which of your fears are irrelevant. Hungry for these amazing teachings.

LEO (July 23-August 22): The next two months will be a great time for you and your close allies to come together by harnessing the power of your imagination. I urge you to be inventive in imagining ways to educate and entertain each other. Look together for dashing adventures that will delight you. Here is a poem by Vyacheslav Ivanov which I hope will stimulate you: “We are two flames in a midnight forest. We are two meteors that fly at night, a two-pointed arrow of fate. We are two steeds whose bridle is held by one hand. We are two eyes of the same glance, two trembling wings of the same dream, two lips with two voices of a single mystery. We are the two arms of the same cross.

VIRGIN (23 August-22 September): The spiritual author of the Virgin Don Miguel Ruiz urges us not to take anything personally. He says if someone disrespects us, it’s almost certainly because they suffer from psychological wounds that cause them to act vulgar and insensitive. Their attacks have little to do with what is true about us. I agree with him and will add this important caveat. Even if you refrain from taking such abuse personally, that does not mean that you should tolerate it. This doesn’t mean that you should keep that person in your life or allow them to bully you in the future. I suspect these are important themes for you to contemplate at this time.

BALANCE (September 23-October 22): “People who feel deeply, live deeply and love deeply are destined to suffer deeply,” writes the poet Juansen Dizon. To this romanticized and juvenile absurdity, I say: NO! WRONG! People who feel, live and love deeply are more emotionally intelligent than people who live on the surface and are therefore less fragile. The deepest are likely to be psychologically adept; they have skills to break free from the suffocating crush of their problems. The deep ones also have access to rich spiritual resources which ensure that their suffering is a source of transformative teaching and seldom a cause of defeat. Have you guessed that I am describing you as you will be in the weeks to come?

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21): Psychology professor Ethan Kross tells us that there can be healthy and creative forms of envy. “Just as hunger tells us we have to eat,” he wrote, “the feeling of longing could show us what is missing in our lives that really matters to us. The trick is not to interpret envy as a negative emotion, but to see it as useful information that shows us what we want. In my astrological opinion, this is a valuable practice to deploy in the coming days. So pay close attention to the urges of envy that arise in your consciousness. Tap into these volatile elements to motivate yourself while making plans to get the experience or reward you crave.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): The poet Walt Whitman bragged about being “great”. He said, “I contain multitudes.” One critic compared it to “a whole continent with its waters, with its trees, with its animals.” Responding to Whitman, Sagittarius poet Gertrud Kolmar delivered an equally grand boast. “I too am a continent,” she wrote. “I contain mountains never reached, unpenetrated scrubland, a pond bay, a river delta, a coastal tongue to lick salt.” This is how I imagine you these days, dear Sagittarius: like uncharted territory: like frontier land teeming with undiscovered mysteries. I love how expansive you are as you open your mind and heart to new definitions of yourself. I love how you’re willing to risk being unknowable for a while as you head into the future.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): Poet Ezra Pound wrote a letter to novelist James Joyce which included the following passage: “You’re kidding my head, and so far I’ve enjoyed it. Where is the crime? I’m talking about it, Capricorn, because I think the coming weeks will be a great time for you to engage with interesting souls who fuck your head in an enjoyable way. You need a friendly shake or two: a series of galvanizing prickles; dialogues that encourage you to try new ways of thinking and seeing; lively exchanges that encourage you to experiment.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Blogger Mandukhai Munkhbaatar advises on the arts of intimate fellowship. “Don’t fall in love just with a body or a face,” she tells us. “Don’t fall in love with the idea of ​​being in love.” She also wants you to know that it is best for your health and long-term happiness not to seek an intimate relationship with someone who is afraid of your madness or with someone who after a fight disappears. and refuses to speak. I agree with all of these suggestions. Would you add others? This is a favorable phase for clarifying the qualities of the people you want and don’t want as allies.

PISCES (February 19-March 20): I gave my readers homework by asking them to answer the question, “What is your favorite rule to break?” In response, Laura Grolla sent in these thoughts: “My favorite rule to break is an unwritten rule: that we must all insist and strive for excellence.” I found an anti-stress mantra: “It’s good to be well. In my OKness, I discovered the subtle frontier of contentment, which is vast and largely unexplored. OKness allows me not to compete for attention, but rather to pay attention to others. I love OKness for the humor and the deep, refreshing sleep it generated. Best of all, OKness allows me to age happily rather than being anxious. I bring this to your attention, Pisces, because I believe the coming weeks will be a good time for you to investigate and embody the relaxing mysteries of wellness.

Homework. Tell me what subtle and not-so-subtle victories you plan to achieve by January 1, 2022. [email protected]


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