See how growth investors spot space companies ready to take off during TC: Space 2021 sessions

The space economy is booming and for the first time there is a fair amount of exit event activity. This should excite subsequent investors who are focusing on the field, and we can ask them questions directly on our virtual site. TechCrunch sessions: space event December 14 and 15.

Tess Hatch, Partner at Bessemer Ventures, Shaun Maguire from Sequoia and Lisa Rich from Xplore, will join us for a panel focused on further investment in space technology. We’ll take a look at the significant changes in the growth investing industry when it comes to space startups that took place over the past year, and what it means to have a lot more companies actually shipping products and growing their customer base. rather than focusing more on research and development of breakthrough technologies.

Hatch, who herself has experience at Boeing and SpaceX in addition to her investment background, also stays close to the pulse of the industry (in addition to her investment work) by co-teaching a Stanford course. to help researchers commercialize their academic work.

As a partner of Sequoia, Maguire focuses on cutting edge technology, as well as fintech and enterprise (there are a lot more crossovers than you might think!). His background includes leading Sequoia’s investment in SpaceX, and he also led GV’s investment in Spinlaunch when he was a partner there before joining Sequoia in 2019.

Rich is an entrepreneur and founder herself, and has a long history of investing in early stage and growing space companies including Axiom Space, Made in Space, PlanetIQ and more. Rich’s own company, Xplore, also offers a “space as a service” to customers, providing everything needed to host and operate a payload.

TC sessions: Espace 2021 will take place on December 14th and 15th. Celebrate Cyber ​​Monday and buy your 2 for 1 pass before November 29 at 11:59 p.m. (PT).

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